Perth Mint Marvel Series gets its first villain

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With the 8th release of Perth Mints Marvel Series comes Venom, which makes sense as there just was a movie about him.

It is the first villain in the series which I find kind of cool as it opens up a whole new world of characters.

The mintage is as usual with the series 50k and 20 coins come in a sealed roll.

Despite Spiderman, which was the first in the series, no other coin has done really well on the secondary market so it does not seem like this one would be a good one for a flip but who knows...maybe the first villain coin is something people desire.

I don`t collect the series and while I like this one, I probably pass on it. I know myself and I will probably ending up backtracking to pick up the rest of the series and talking myself into paying 60€ for 1 oz of silver with Spiderman on it and everybody knows Batman is way cooler anyway.



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Ich brauche dieses Gift "as a gift" ! :-)


Ich auch

@flipstar Thanks for Doing this Post It made me Think about how I should go back and look to see which of these Coins I may have purchased........

hopefully it is Spiderman

I hope they put a less expensive version of Harley Quinn out, she's the girl!

She is from DC or?

There is a colour version but this is probably the one you were thinking about.

If there will be a series from DC I will at least buy the first one

That will surely be a cool collection to have!

you collect them?

I love these!!
Good collection and Silver too!🤗

You have them all so far?

Unfortunately, I don't there are so many Silver choices.....What to stack Lol!!!😀

I know the problem myself too well :-)

The life of a Silver stacker Lol😀

Ooooh! Me likely! Reminds me I have to get a Hulk too!

You have the whole series then?

With the hulk added I think i’d Have them all 👍