100 Post Raffle

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Hello steemers, Today i'm hitting my 100th post on steemit. WoW i made 100 posts and wanted to do a little something special for this occasion. I'm doing a raffle of silver to help ring in hopefully 100+ more.
Raffle Details:
This raffle is open to all steemians. Entering is not limited and you may enter as many times as you want to. Spots will be filled on a as pay basis. Each spot will cost you 1.5 SBDs and must be sent to @firecajun9262 with ''100 post raffle'' in the memo line. Next comment the # of the spot you want from 1-10 that's open. The raffle winner will be chosen by Random.org when all spots are filled. The winner will be announced the following day in a special post. Also winner of this drawing will be getting this silver bar shipped directly to your door anywhere in the world.

  1. @dreemsteem
  2. @cyber.explorer
  3. @andysantics48

Raffle Prize:
You are entering this raffle for a chance to win this 1 troy ounce Prospector's Gold and Gem poured .999 silver bar.
Thanks for everyone's support on my 1st raffle and good luck. If you can't buy a spot a Fat upvote will work. lol
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@sift666 and I are keen. Can you put him down for #5 and me down for #8? I'd also like to buy a raffle ticket for @lynncoyle1, maybe #1, or whatever is left over. Off to transfer 4.5 SBD now.

Thanks for all ya'll support.

awww @kiwideb! Thank you so much for this :)

I'm in!!!! how fun! :)
sending the SBD now :)

Thanks, you picked #3

Me keen # 2 please sending 1.5 SBD now

Thanks for entering.

i'm in too! spot 6 please. SBD is on the way!

Thanks, You got it. #6

Thanks, i enjoy sharing with like mind friends

Hell yea man! I'll send after work or on break!

Sending now. My bad...

That's ok all i had was #3

Thank you for your continued support of SteemSilverGold