Treasure hunt with @fat-elvis

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Well folks I got my new metal detector out today. Went to a spot called Island View about a 45 minute drive from the city. I found very few "treasures",but it was quiet and peaceful out at the lake.


The ice cover is starting to break up, and folks are busy getting their boats ready.


First real find.


That is a commercial fishing net weight. about 8 ounces. I'll probably melt this down to make musket balls for deer season. Here it is on my Army entrenchment tool for a size comparison.


Here's just a shot along the shore


And a piece of copper, nothing special.


So other than that, I found 3 fishing lures, and a penny, along with a lot of garbage like beer can tabs, but it was a good day anyways.

Take care everybody.


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Rough first time out, but im sure it was fun anyway.


It was a good day anyways. And it's nice to get out into fresh air no matter what.


No doubt. I dont know your model but it may have a way to block out steel. My did


It's a Garrett Ace 300i same as the EuroAce I believe. There is discrimination, but I am not sure yet which setting to use. I'll figure it out.

Welcome to the club buddy. It does get better, but I always look at it as a nice day out walking rather than not finding anything. Just so long as you find enough coinage to cover the batteries, you're on to a winner 👍


I had my old detector with me, just in case I couldn't figure the new one out. But it worked pretty slick. The trouble is that it's so early season, that no one has been out dropping their coins and jewelry! In summer on a Sunday morning, it's always better!

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Nothing like a hot pursuit 😜👍 who knows when you'll strike gold?


Never find it if ya don't look!

It was probably extremely peaceful walking along the water. The views make it that much better.