Santa is creepin' on a mot*erfu*#ker"

in #steemsilvergold5 years ago (edited)

Oh my,

I love the Christmas season. I have some decorations up even. Not much.


So I tend to back myself into a cave of sorts, always just being alone, but, I do like Christmas.

Here's a Santa.


The back isn't bad, but you know Santa was up to no good. Just look at that face.



Wow, that's impressive that your Christmas decor is up, @fat-elvis. And I like that train.
Beautiful Santa silver round with a festive capsule too! I'd love to hang more silver Christmas motif silver rounds on my Christmas Tree.
Have a great evening, my friend and take care 🥰🌺🤙

Santa does look like he is up to no good....just look at all those Silver rounds in that sack!!!!

He looks like a criminal Santa, lol. Ike his sack was empty at the start of the night

Picking up all those Silver rounds Lol!!😳

Ho Ho Ho my friend....

Jingle bells mofo. 👊😎

Awesome Christmas silver round @fat-elvis! I like @silversaver888's suggestion of hanging silver rounds on the Christmas tree, too! The train looks like G scale; is it a Bachman or a Lehman Bros LGB? I used to have a model train store years ago and love trains too, lol! Have a wonderful evening!

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