Looting the system. The Winnipeg system

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Well, the pickin's were few for deals this weekend, but I did find a couple things to buy. So now that I'm back home I figured I could make a post.

We hit up this shop in Winnipeg.


So what did I find? Well, this👇

A First Majestic round. This one has a different back than my others.



And this cool Sam Boyd round. Casino Legend.



Both of these were in the "junk" bin.

Then after the hockey game, we went out for some beers. And deep fried pickles. Whichever mad genius invented this dish, deserves the Nobel prize.


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I really like the First Majestic rounds and bars. Cant find them down here. Never had fried pickles. Enjoy


Oh man, you're missing out! Deep fried dilly's with chipotle dip is something amazing!

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Great FM round. I haven’t seen that one before 👍


Yeah,I've never seen it either, but they had a tube or 2 of them. I assume they're older than mine??

Deep fried pickles are fantastic! Almost as good as the silver rounds!


Deep fried pickles are
Fantastic! Almost as good
As the silver rounds!

                 - shaungerow

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.


They may be the one thing better than silver!

I have seen deep fried pickle chips... but never a whole pickle!

Nice silver too.


The deep fried pickles are incredible! Not very healthy, but incredible!

Cooĺ Man, I ordered a few silver dollars from them awhile. Stay warm Elvis.

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I was invited by a Patient to a Resource Convention in Vancouver and there was a First Majestic booth and to my surprise they were selling the same rounds right out of the booth. I was working tending to my Patient's needs but I should have bought one round.

Sweet round I've never heard of first Majestic. If I ever seen one I'll be sure to pick one up I really like the design.

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They're a big silver mining company. You can get their silver direct from them if you like. They have some cool products.