Leave alone or rip open?

in steemsilvergold •  13 days ago 

Hi all.

I have these sheets of bars and rounds, all generics, the rounds are sweet first majestic rounds. But still just generics.



So do I cut them up to store easier, or leave them be?

Also check this gem out. Not silver, but pure GOLD!


No, your eyes do not deceive you, that is Jim Belushi's actual signature on there. Anyone interested in that? Would it make a cool raffle? I think it would.

Cheers peeps.

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I think I would leave them sealed, I have some the same way and it adds to the variety of the stack!!
Sometimes I will pull them out of the hard plastic cases that open in two pieces.....sometimes not... Lol!
I guess I am a conflicted stacker😀

Unless they are a real nuisance I would leave them as is. I don't think they would be worth more one way or the other but cool to have a sheet of bars.

They're not really a nuisance. I'll leave them for now. Cheers mate

It’s kind of sad to see Jim with Dan instead of John with Dan. I like the coins and bars in those sheets. Let’s you know they’re a team.😉😄

It is a not sad. But Ackroyd and Jim seem to mesh pretty well. If this album had Dan's signature as well, It would eBay for a bit more.

Leave them alone