♨️ burned at the thrift shop

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Hey all,

So first things first. On my phone the emoji in the title looks just like the old steemit logo on a pie pan...♨️ Whaaaa.

Anyway lawsuits against android aside. I went to one of my usual thrift shops, in fact the one I score the best at, as I'm working on the road again.

I went to the silver aisle ( serving trays, silverware etc., Almost always just played junk) and found this little dish thingy.


So it's hallmarked, and for $3.99, I didn't waste much time, and just took it ... But... It's hallmarked EPNS once I cleaned the marks up a bit.


Plated nickel.

Well, goes to show ya, even a seasoned veteran treasure hound, like Ol' Fat-elvis gets burned from time to time. But that isn't the first time, and I guaran-damn-tee it won't be the last, but as long as I win more than lose, I'll be OK.

I know better too, that's the thing, always clean the hallmarks of you can't read them!

Wait, I'm only out 4 bucks, so I guess it's a wash, lol!

See the hallmarks


Now for the gravy, this is a Davis&Sons of Glasgow ca. 1897 to 1920. Silver plate sugar cube dish(I think). You had to be a highfalutin mofo like @silverd510 to have a silver sugar cube dish at the turn of the century here in the new world, I wonder what the story is on this one???

Oh yeah, and In case you're wondering, I'll definitely get my $4.00 back on it. But won't make a huge profit!

Cheers folks, and always keep looking for treasure!


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At least it's only $4.00. What if you bought it for $20? @ironshield


I wouldn't have paid $20 for it! Lol. But yeah, it was a worth while gamble I guess???

Living and learning! Always clean the hallmarks. Lesson learned.

Oops.....it happens, that’s why I stopped doing thrift shops a while back.


It happens sometimes. Then you just sell the thing. I'll try to get $20.00 for this I think!

Thank you for your continued support of SteemSilverGold

Sometimes you gotta gamble a little! There was a brand new auction house, having their first auction ever, online. No one was bidding on anything. A "gold ounce" was up for bid. We were HOURS away, it was not worth driving down there to inspect it. We paid like $25 bucks for it, pretty certain it was not gold but for $25 the OUTSIDE chance it was gold was worth every cent. We don't do Vegas, but that risk we were happy to take. It was a fake. But it is still $25 worth of story... lol!