Silver & Gold Pumpers - Don't Fall for their Tricks

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I wanted to share this with the steemsilvergold community. The content of this Smaulgld video resonated with me deeply; some of the stories he describes remind me of articles I would read 10 years ago, which helped encourage me to begin stacking.

Investment goals I've set for myself have evolved and I no longer do things the way I used to, but I am even more passionate about precious metals than I have ever been before. But I had to wake up to some of these exaggerated "silver stories" and infamous goldbugs who are pumping these stories non-stop to hook in naive investors.

You don't need to listen to the full hour video to get something out of it. Enjoy this:

It's important to really do your research and look at data, economic trends, and "have an exit plan" for each investment.

Anyway, this video and its message really resonated with me and I hope it finds my readers well. As I've mentioned, it is an accurate breakdown of common stories and headlines that are exaggerated by silver and gold pumpers, in an attempt to move inventory. Don't fall for these stories - do your research and invest wisely.

Godspeed my friends


Thank you for your continued support of SteemSilverGold

I also like his approach and balance when it comes to the PM youtube pumpers, reality vs stretching the truth.

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