Tesla Silver on #piratesunday !!!

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What's up all you Steemians!! Welcome to D Wings World and it feels good to get back to posting. I am trying to get back at it while we are waiting on the new youngins arrival. I know that normally on #piratesunday the epuc Purate-verse tales of Captain K are the norm, however with my situation and Slak Tor the dragon master being currently indisposed they must be placed on hold for a bit. I promise it will return in good time!!
I wanted to take the opportunity of #piratesunday to show off a great proof that I picked up! I am a really big history buff and love the genius of humans. Nikola Tesla is right up there with Ben Franklin as a personal hero to me. Tesla was so far ahead of his time and really beat down by Edison (using complete slander), but out of the twp men Tesla was the better. In order to fund his research Tesla gave all his patents to Westinghouse otherwise he would have died a very rich man and we may have had completely free electricity. This series is designed to show off all the ideas that this man brought to life starting with Alternating Current. Take a look and let me know what you think.
Sleek display sleeve I really like.

Blue display case
Upon opening the case you see the cover
Of the COA which features the iconic image of Tesla that adorns the obverse of the coin.
The obverse of the coin displays beautifully in the case.
It's even more impressive in hand and the proof finish is really stunning!!
The reverse shows Teslas most famous accomplishment with the A/C motor.

Here is the inside of the COA with the fine details and designed very well.
The back of the COA.

Well thats it guys. Let me know what you think and if you were interested in this series. Please remember to upvote, resteem, and reply! Thanks again D Wing!!

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Yippie Welshies upvotes!

I like it, Iike it alot.
Thanks for showing off this very interesting piece.

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@edthecanadian I am happy that you liked the post and even more happy that you like the coin!! I did not know whether to take the plunge or not but after holding this proof I will most likely be invest I g in all of them. Thanks so much for taking a look and let me know if you get one.