Tease for whats to come!

Welcome to D Wings World! Sorry for the delays my friends as I have been knee deep in remodel, repairing my vehicle, and life lol. I do want to give you a tease of whats to come later today! I will be posting an extremely meaningful gift I received! Please try to take a look at it. Thanks for all the support you all have given me and a very special thank you to both @corndogg42 and @vgholdingsllc! @corndogg42 nominated me for a free SSG Lead Tier for August that was being offered by @vgholdingsllc! Both are amazing community members and this was a very kind act! Then a ton of others supported my nomination and I can not thank you all enough!! This included:


I do want to do an honorable mention as well! @welshstacker nominated @huw28582 and I want everyone to check out both their accounts along with the others listed about. @welshstacker had a rough luck patch and @huw28582 has as well. Lets spread the silver community love my friends!

Oh and to show what type of great guy @vgholdingsllc is he award the SSG Lead tier for August to both nominees: myself and @huw28582! What a great guy!
So thank you all so much for your support and you really humble me with your friendships and just how amazing you are!
Onto the Tease!!


(All photos by @dwingsworld with a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge)

Thank you guys again for all your support! Please upvote, resteem, and reply! Thanks so much! ~D Wing

(Precious thanks to @silversaver888)


Thank you for your continued support of SteemSilverGold

As always a pleasure!

Thanks for the shout out and kind words @dwingsworld. This community rocks!!!

@vgholdingsllc no thank you needed buddy. You are correct that this community rocks! Your generous action and you're very kind nature or a prime reason why. Thanks so much for your support!

I supported you simply because you deserved it.

@ronaldoavelino I truly appreciate the very kind comment! I am always in all awe when others like my content. I really do appreciate all the support and the motivation that you guys give me a keep posting. Thank you again brother!

You will always have my support brother you rock

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