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Good day all and welcome back to D Wings World!! This is where information and adventure awaits! Today I am going to be showing off a little silver that I have just added to my stack! When I started getting more serious about stacking the Queens Beast series was already on its third coin and about to release its forth. Due to the immense premiums associated with the Griffin and the Lion I decided not to try and play catch up with the series. However, Regal Stacker or @britcoin changed all that when he sent me the Unicorn of Scotland and the Black Bull of Clarence as gifts. If you guys were unaware I tend to be a “completist” when it comes to series. I usually have to complete a series once I start it and after getting those gifts I was hooked! So now I will show off one of my recent additions to my stack from the Queens Beast Series.

It is the Falcon of the Plantagenets, which I find to be the weaker of all the designs so far. Overall, I like how the reverse turned out it just does not capture the imagination like the others in the series to this point. Below I have included the coins information that is provided on Apmex.

• Contains 2 oz of .9999 fine Silver.
• Housed in protective packaging. Orders of 10 or more coins come in tubes. Orders of 200 coins or more are packaged in Monster Boxes.
• Obverse: Displays the effigy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, along with the face value of 5 pounds.
• Reverse: Designed by Jody Clark, the design features a regal Falcon holding a shield. The shield's badge depicts a smaller falcon within an open fetterlock.
• Sovereign coin backed by the British government.

The Falcon of the Plantagenets came to The Queen through Edward IV. The shield in the grasp of the larger Falcon also shows a smaller falcon atop a golden fetterlock, which is partially open. This depicts Edward's claim to the throne. The Falcon was later adopted by Henry VIII and established as a royal beast during the reign of Elizabeth I.

(The Reverse)

(The obverse or as we know her The Queeeeeeeennnnnnn)

Well what do you guys think? Are you keeping up with the Queens Beast series or did you miss the train as I did in the beginning? Thank you so much for taking a look and please remember to upvote, resteem, and reply!!

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I'm almost up to date but still need the Yale myself. Quite the peculiar creature, darn and I long chucked out my gothy black horns too.


@kerrislravenhill I need just the Lion now and I will have the up to date set! The Yale is fun and I have a post coming shortly on him. Thanks for your support my pirate sister!!

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@rewards-pool thank you soooooo much!

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These are by far my favourite series. I used to be a sucker for the pandas but the QBs are definitely amazing.


@bankofwelshie I totally agree about the QBs. I remeber discussing it with ya a little ways back. The pandas not being a real ounce takes them out for me. Thanks for the support!