Have you seen these??

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Good day all and welcome to D Wings World. Just a short post today to see if you guys have seen this series? It is from Provident Metals and I think it could be interest so let me know down below.

spartan warrior.png

I think that I may have to pick one or two up, but let me know where you are at. You can pre order them from HERE Thanks for all your support and time and please upvote, resteem, and reply!!

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Thank you for your continued support of SteemSilverGold


Thank you guys!


Thank you guys!!

Those are some cool coins but I've gotten off track. Need to keep my eyes on the melt silver. :)


@vgholdingsllc totally understand keeping your eyes on the prize. I do think they look pretty cool as well! Thanks for your support!

Great Looking Six-Pack on the Spartan Warrior.


@kerrislravenhill thank you for noticing ohh ohh you mean the round. lol. I think it is a pretty awesome idea and design. Thanks for your support!!

Very cool rounds!!! Will you and I start that collection?


@silversaver888 Not too sure if I will act on them or not, but thought it should be a very cool idea. Thanks so much for your support!!