Silver 1 oz Donald Trump Inauguration

in steemsilvergold •  4 months ago

Hi Steemit

This is the 1 oz Donald Trump Inauguration silver round.


On the back, the Inauguration date of President Trump


A closer look at the round


The price of silver has recovered a bit but still pretty cheap.

Thank you for viewing

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Some people like him, some doesn't! But it's a nice coin and yeah good buy time! No matter who is there, it will be a good investment for the future!



thank you theguruasia, yes people who don't like him can choose not to buy, but most important is it is still silver

The most hated coin in the world lol


thank you bitcoinman, lol yes maybe, but he hasa lot of haters and also enough supporters to buy all the coins

Trump has succeeded in ways that surprised even his biggest fans although not all the legislation that he promised.

The silver round - I am not sure how good an investment it is other than its silver content.

But, it's cool.


thank you freedomshift, yes the design doesn't actually influence the price much, the minimum price is the silver content and the number of mintage decides how rare the round/ coins are. But I like collecting some new designs i haven't own

People can say what they wish about Trump. I will just say I think this will be a valuable coin over time :-)


thank you floridanow, yes a lot of different opinions on Trump, but he seems a good character for the silver round

Beautiful silver coin! This will be a collectors item one day!! I wish I could buy a few too.


thank you kaminchan, yes good for collection and especially when silver price go higher in the future

@djohan, That's fantastic design of Donald Trump Inauguration silver round. I like really it.


thank you madushanka, yes silver is good for remembering some important dates and events

10 oz silver round is good looking coin and good for collecting .


thank you spiritualpower, this is only 1 oz

Nice silver round , are you a fan of trump ?


thank you pardeepkumar, no, i am a fan of silver

nice coin. Donald Trump is lucky to have engraved coin with his sketch and date of joining presidential office. Thanks for sharing


thank you kamchore, yes it is good to remember this important event and date

While not his face But I like the Coin ;)


thank you rehan12, yes most important is actually the silver content

I think it's cheap because of who is on this coin, the American president is not popular, although 45 on the bill.:...

By the end of the presidency we will understand this is a fake or not

these are some interesting coins to collect who knows they might be worth more than expensive in near future

Hahaha. This is the real deal

Wao such a very wonderful coin...the design of donald trumps inauguration silver coin are so Amazing....very low price of this coin....trump is very popular man..congratulation for gain silver round keep it up...thanks for sharing..

Amazing Donald Trump Inauguration silver is great. Look what is going to be happen. Good luck

Donald Trump Inauguration silver look nice. And Congratulation for gain silver round. keep it up...

Congratulation for gain silver round..keep it up

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The design of the Donald Trump Inauguration silver is great.
Trump is popular. I think this is gonna promote well. Look see whats happen

Looks good