Perth Mint 5 grams Kangaroo gold bars

in steemsilvergold •  6 months ago

Hi Steemit

These are 5 grams Kangaroo gold bars from the Perth Mint. It comes with certificate and sealed in plastic to protect the gold and also the certificate. Perth Mint Logo in the front side of the bar


The back side contains information such as weight and purity. Each bar has its unique serial number. Also Kangaroos on the bar


A closer look at the bar


We can never know who will be the winners, gold, silver or cryptocurrencies, so i prefer to diversify and hold all 3 of them just in case

Thank you for viewing

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Wow it's stunning! Yeah we can't say who will be the winner! Coz everything depends on the ratio of RIO! Anyway by diversification you might be able to make a good profit and also risk of loss might also drop!



Thank you theguruasia. Yes it is impossible to predict, but to be safe its better to hold all 3

Gold, silver and crypto that's what i call a smart investor, nice size of this bar perfect to save them in almost any place. Regards


Thank you dim753, almost too small to handle, good they include packging for easy handling

At least you know that gold will last forever. Very nice collection @djohan .....


Thank you edkarnie. Yes it will last longer than the plastic protection. Lol

All 3 will be winners. If I had to pick, I think one of those undervalued altcoins will be a rocket of all rockets for 2019 and surprise everyone.


Thank you floridanow. Yes need to do research to find undervalued coins that will go 100x


This is like gold money - in spendable forms and quantity - $208.34 each at APMEX.


Thank you freedomshift, yes smaller gold is easier for transactions, maybe in the future

Cool .... I need gold :))


Thank you foxkoit. I want a balance of gold silver and cryptos


I try soon make same .... this is very good Idea .

Wow amazing 5 grams Kangaroo gold bar. great investment and good work.
Thanks @djohan
Have great day


Thank you goldcoin, these bars are really beautiful

Wow! Small gold bars! Very handy and nice!
It’s a bit difficult to see the design, it’s very small! Those silver coins have big letters and design.

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Thank you kaminchan, yes the problem with gold is you can onlt get small ones, silver can be big

Kangaro gold coins are looking awesome. The best thing is it comes with certificate. Thanks for the info and images. @djohan


Thank you kamchore, the certificate make it easy to hold too

Good collection of gold .


thank you spiritualpower

Wow lot of them this is a treasure :D hahah you are the Richie rich ;p


Thank you blazing, the price is still low, not yet rich, haha

Beautiful gold bars by Perth mint and good packing .


thank you pardeepkumar

Great information sir, I like this post I appreciate your valuable post thanks for sharing this post

Excellent choice, ingots look great, so I want to take them in hand. Thanks for the message.

Incredibly Beautiful gold bars, how much you have paid for one 5 Gram gold bar?

yup you are abviously right we never know who will get us more profit so we need to hold in all three of them

We can never know who will be the winners, gold, silver or cryptocurrencies, so i prefer to diversify and hold all 3 of them just in case

Yeah we need more gold posts! Too much silver already. (upvoted via powernap already)

Wao very attractive gold coin.Gold coin looks so beautiful.kangaroo shape of this coin is so amazing.its design is to good.hopefully price of this gold is affordable.thanks for sharing.

These gold bars looks really lovely and beautiful, I believe that diversification of assets is the key to sustaining a better financial future.

It's beautiful, But Protect the Gold from what? I didn't get it? I'm a gold smith, and we never done that!