5 oz silver bar and 10 oz silver bar

in steemsilvergold •  3 months ago

Hi steemit

These are the 5 oz and 10 oz silver bars from Mygold Mint. What i like about bigger bars is you get more silver for your money. But you can't put them inside tubes or capsules, so i leave the plastic cover to protect the silver


The back side of the bars


A closer look at the bars


I think i will start buying cryptos again this week to balance my portfolio

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You invested a lot in precious metal and it's a good idea to buy crypto again! I think we are at the dawn of next bull trend in crypto world! Specially STEEM price might rise in next couple of months time with upcoming big updates!



thank you theguruasia, yes steem price seems very low under 1 dollar. Last time i bought was 90 something cents few months ago, hopefully back up soon over 1 dollar

Silver bullion is silver bullion. You only pay for the silver and a little more for the costs of shipping and handling. Not bad.


thank you freedomshift, yes more bang for your buck. There is also cheap 1 oz rounds like the Buffalo round that is similar price to silver bars

Silver is good any way you can buy it.....


Thank you edkarnie, it seems undervalued and have good potential

Do you see the same “silver interest” in ALL of Asia as you have..? Or more cryptos?


thank you floridanow, Silver seems not popular in Asia, Gold is very popular though. Cryptos are popular in the more developed cities


Thank you for your reply :-)

Great silver collection!!
You are doing all the right moves!!


thank you kaminchan, we'll see when the price is up, now it's still speculation

@djohan, Those silver bars hasn't best design than previous once. But has some attractive looks. Past days you bought more silver/gold coins and bars.


thank you madushanka, yes when the price cheap i keep buying, cryptos are already up now

Wow wonderful 10 oz & 5oz silver bar. nice product. its really look, hi quantity.
Thanks @djohan
Have a great day


thank you goldcoin, yes very nice and big enough to hold

Great stacking of silver bars right there looks heavy and precious :D


thank you blazing, yes bars are big and heavy but easier to store


Thank you blazing, yes
Bars are big and heavy but
Easier to store

                 - djohan

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Must have cost you a lot to buy these gold bars.
Really good investment


thank you wa2qr, it would cost a lot if it was gold, but this is silver so not a lot

I like both gold and silver and I am sure even after 10000 years it will survive and I think gold and silver are the real money.

Those are nice! Yeah, it's a bummer that no one makes capsules for them, but it would be difficult to make the custom ones. The plastic wrapping isn't a bad way to go. Looks like you're adding quite a bit to your stack. Congrats!