1 oz silver rounds with weapons designs

in steemsilvergold •  2 months ago

Hi Steemit

These are 1 oz silver rounds , Molon Labe meaning come and take them in Greek. And the one on the right is TSP' Long live the republic'


Weapons on the other side with some messages written on each silver round


A closer look at both coins, first the TSP round


Molon Labe


At the end of the day an ounce of silver is an ounce of silver. Although the rarer ones may worth more .But it's no fun stacking just 1 or 2 designs and you can be bored quick.

Thank you for viewing

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Old and Present military equipments are nicely designed with these coins! I think you are making a great investment by purchasing lots of Silver / Gold with Cryptos these day!



thank you theguruasia, yes not sure which investment will be better, so i try to have all just in case, especially at low prices now

Interesting silver rounds.
I have been buying to give to my grandchildren, so, weapons design is not on the list.
But, cool that you like them.


thank you freedomshift, i think this design has a nice message of resistance and defending freedom, it's good to give precious metals to the grandchildren, because we cannot give them fiat currencies as it might lose value when they grow up

Beautiful design that's way to hold silver with style hehehe. Regards friend


thank you dim753, yes it makes holding silver that much more exciting

@djohan, I saw from you smart coin collection today. Those weapon coins so adorable to mine. You already collected more coins still crypto market down.


thank you madushanka, yes crypto is still down, it's good to have both cryptos and precious metals to have balance portfolio

Very interesting design on the front of the coins! This is a coin calling to people to defend the republic! Machine guns and a star on the coin too!


thank you kaminchan, yes i think that's the message for the coin on the right

Wow weapons design coin. this is valuable and its really look.
thanks @djohan
Have a nice day


thank you goldcoin, yes cool design of weapons

Good morning @djohan, beautiful, I like this photo, I see very well each of the details



thank you martha75, it's clearer in the photo when the coins not too shiny

Unique design. Weapons are looking beautiful in coins. Great pics @djohan


thank you kamchore, yes beautiful weapons with nice message too

You're right, the idea of ​​a collection is to have variety. Good contribution!


thank you cinefilo, when i see a new design, i always want to buy it

Weapons are looking nice on silver coins and interesting message on coins . Thanks and keep sharing


thank you pardeepkumar

Both silver coins are nice and weapons design is looking awesome on coins .


thank you spiritualpower

Definitely spartan mask


thank you goldrooster

Coolest collection it is becoming adding this one makes it more great :)


Thank you blazing

Wow. Ots look like weapon. A great design. You are collecting more coin while steem is at low. Great look and valuable coins

They both do look really cool by the way ;)