1 oz silver Buffalo rounds

in steemsilvergold •  5 months ago

Hi steemit

These are 1 oz silver Buffalo rounds. It is one of the cheapest and close to spot price silver rounds available. Not too fancy looking like the pirate ones but more bang for your buck. It is the same design as the popular Buffalo gold coin from US mint


Indian head at the back


A closer look at the Buffalo round


The market is down again in cryptos and precious metals also very low. I will just buy every now and then when i have spare money as savings.

Thank you for viewing

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Definitely this is a good idea to buy both cryptos and precious metal at this time! Both market drops and they will rise anytime soon!
This coin also looks great! US symbols of Red Indians and Buffalo also there! Nice collection!



thank you theguruasia, this is one of the popular generic silver rounds, not too fancy and affordable

It is not the most beautiful coin but it is named after my hometown so i like it....


Thank you edkarnie, beautiful hometown Buffalo, my sister went there for the Niagara Falls

Buy low works all the time if you have a plan and patience.
Nice silver round!
I am still shopping for more.


thank you freedomshift, the closer to spot 1 ounce should be the best to stack

Good evening @djohan, definitely the cryptocurrencies are more unstable than an isteric woman, it is better to stop looking for a few days this cuestion.
Have a nice night:)


thank you martha75, yes very unstable, i just accumulate regularly when i have spare money, sometimes cryptos, sometimes precious metals

The market is down again in cryptos and precious metals also very low.

Yep..time to buy dip and hodl much better. These buffalo rounds nice selection. But design not interested to me. Gif creation showing us how was quality.


thank you madushanka, yes people buy these because it is near spot price, design isn't too flash like pirates

I think this one is a must for me!
The design combination is very good! Just love this one!
I’ll get a dozen!!


thank you kaminchan, it's good value for money as price is close to spot price

These coins are not fancy but this is silver .
Silver is silver . Thanks for sharing


thank you spiritualpower, yes you get more silver for your money with the less fancy ones

It seems as if only bitcoin will survive.


thank you kevbot, haha, when confident is low in the market i come in to pick up the bargains. lol

My favorite generic round, great value and very reconiseable for resale!


thank you tbnfl4sun,yes widely recognized and close to spot price, should own lots of these and a few nicer design just for collection and fun

Wow that is silver Buffalo coin. great saving sir. it is looking .
Thanks @djohan
Have a great day


thank you goldcoin

Silver has own value , if coins are not luxury then also no worry .Nice coins


thank you pardeepkumar, yes this one is not luxury but it is still 1 oz silver

Very nice silver rounds . Keep sharing such coins . Thanks

This is delightful work =)

aa cool buffalo head looks so strong btw and the indian at the back ahan

Yeah you are right market is so down,and the price of silver coin also down,You buy a silver coin,bull shape coins looks so beautiful,Very save investment,Market going up soon,and price of your bull coin also going up,thanks for sharing,

The collection is getting more amazing then ever thanks for sharing that with us :D