Fairy Hand Pour

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Hey steemians and #steemsilvergold community! Got another 🔥 pour to show you guys. Just finished up the details on this baby. It's a woman smelling a flower with beautiful flowing hair. I call her the fairy. Check her out!!IMG_20190806_222942701.jpg Her face is slightly polished with a satin antique background. It's so hard to get perfect pictures with polished hand pours. Check out this next one.IMG_20190806_223143404.jpg
Hammered edge of course!!IMG_20190806_223204926.jpg
Waiting for my stamp to finish the back but I love the satin finish on this!! IMG_20190806_222832496.jpg

Looking forward to more future hand pours to show you guys. Everything is for sale hit me up on Instagram @rk_bullion! Cheers

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I love it, @djimpulse! Are you also in discord?

No I'm not. I had a discord app for twitch.

Not just another pretty face!

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