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RE: What is better investment, GOLD or SILVER??

The gold/silver ratio really makes silver an attractive buy, However, Gold will typically perform better in a consolidation phase, just like how BTC is doing better than LTC right now. If you don't care and are in for 20+ years, silver is definitely a good buy.

If you are interested in investing, I made a video about my macro outlook on the markets. Check it out!


Can't disagree with that. But gold and silver are at least for me a long term investment just because how "difficult" the manipulation with them is. Tho i will try to buy as much as possible of both.

If they weren't manipulated at all, I would only buy gold lol. When did you get your start in PM?

What is PM?? 😅. I don't get how it is possible that they're both manipulated so much. I find it comic everytime I see the chart of monetary base...

PM is precious metals. BTW how do you do emojis here on Steemit?

Fiat currency is such an SOB. But it leaves little pockets of opportunity that allow us to take advantage and become successful financially.

Exactly that is what I thought when I started reading the book. But those who have the knowledge can take it as a big opportunity.

Replying from my phone so I can use emojis don't know how to use them on computer tho 😏😆

Oh I know precious metals, First time I started looking at it was when I read a book from Mike Maloney called Gold&Silver where explains a lot of things from its history, present and even how he thinks the economics will develop.

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