What is your plan for an economic depression?

Hi there!

As some of you may be aware, we are now in the longest running bull market in United States history.


We also have sky rocketing debt.



Mike Maloney explains in great detail about the state of our economy, it's gold!

Quantitative Easing, which is what brought us out of the 2008 financial crisis, almost all of which went directly into the stock market. On the tax payers dime. Let me repeat that again: the banks who caused the 2008 financial crisis were bailed out with several billions of dollars paid for by taxes from you and me. What!?

This system is obviously broken.

There are good resources on youtube and around on the web to inform yourself. I use Google, DuckDuckGo, YouTube, Reddit, Voat, and Steem to get a wide range of information. I understand the importance of hard data, science, and research, however most people don't operate out of pure data. People are reactionary and fearful, usually not proactive or forward thinking. This is why I look for sentiment in these resources. How are people feeling about a certain topic? Because if you can understand what people are feeling and thinking, then you can plan ahead of their actions and profit.

As I mentioned before, the US dollar fiat (fiat = money backed by nothing) system is broken, at the end of its life cycle. I want to profit from it though.

The question is 'how' though?

Seeing as how China and Russia are stacking gold like there's no tomorrow:


And Russia is dumping US treasury bonds:


There might be a solution right in front of us: precious metals.

What is happening by China and Russia stacking gold? It means their currencies, the Yen and Ruble, will be more stable, secure, and valuable than before. The US still 'has' the most gold in the world (can you get Fort Knox to tell you whats in there??) but is ruining their currency by printing money at exponential levels. (graphs from Shadowstats)

Our USD (United States Dollar) is being severely devalued by this excess printing of money.

China and Japan are the largest holders of our debt:


If they decide to collect on that debt, the US is fucked. Right now we pay half a TRILLION dollars just in interest alone!


If we can't make that ever increasing payment, the US is fucked. We will default on our debt and go into bankruptcy as a country.

So with the staggering amount of debt, increasing interest payment, and actions from China and Russia, the US might be totally fucked.

Another reason why China and Russia (among lots of other countries aware of what is going on) are stacking gold by the metric ton is so they can trade oil in their own currencies instead of the USD. Currently, oil is traded around the world in USD, no matter what country.


China is taking steps to start trading oil in the Yuan:


The United States went to war with Gadhafi in Libya over his plan to trade oil for gold:


Will the US try to start war with China and Russia for trading oil in non-USD currency?

The US has already instigated Iran a bit with their drone:


Iran is buddies with China and Russia, but what would happen in a war situation?


China could bankrupt the US by collecting on all the debt they own from us, selling Yuan for oil would do that too. But why would they bankrupt their biggest customer? We get China to produce tons of goods we use everyday for mere pennies on the dollar. They have amassed wealth after a few decades of stagnation due in part by our need to consume as Americans.

Our way of life is going to come to a screeching halt. Don't fight it, be prepared.

People don't like when I tell them it is not a good idea to go on a vacation right now because you should use that money to buy things that will secure your life over the next 2-3 years. By all means you should live you life, but I would err on the side of caution at this moment in time. Think 2008/2009 but way worse, what would you do?

Silver and Gold appreciated in value, gold usually before the recession and silver usually during/after. 2010/2011 were good years for silver.

The silver to gold ratio hasn't been this high in a long time:


Meaning you can get a lot of silver for your gold right now.

Silver is also dirt cheap, literally I have seen bags of mulch/dirt more expensive than an ounce of silver! How crazy is that!?



I believe silver would be an excellent choice to store your money considering the historical position silver is in right now. It is poised for a launch into $25+ range. (I'm being extremely conservative here as I personally believe it could go way way higher!) Silver has been used as money for thousands of years. It is physical, you can hold it in your hands and feel just how 'real' it is!

Here are some great reputable and legitimate places to buy silver:


Here is a great website for finding the best deals on silver:


^^ That landing page will bring up like 6-7 deals for silver at-spot. Meaning that's the lowest market price you can get for silver at that time. I would purchase those first as they are great ways to get started in silver and you can feel good knowing you're not getting screwed over! I only buy from the reputable places, but have also made a few ebay purchases. I am careful with what I buy, but have also spent way too much on pieces I just had to have! lol It can be addicting, but I find it fun as well! Storing/saving my wealth in silver also makes me feel good about what I am doing.

So, we got silver, check. What else? Well I have to obviously turn to Bitcoin. It is a new technology of just over 10 years old. The ones who develop it everyday are making the system more and more viable as a means of value exchange. It is an evolving technology that was born out of the 2008 financial crisis, born to withstand the ups and downs of an economy. Having a new piece of technology that specifically is intended to be used as a financial instrument I believe is also a good place to store value.

I can't speak too much to Bitcoin, as I don't fully understand the mechanics behind how it works and the viability of the system, but I have thrown caution to the wind and invested some anyways. I like to spread my eggs around. Except stocks, bonds, ETF, etc. Those are going down the drain. I got rid of all of that stuff a long time ago.

What else should you have to protect yourself in an economic downturn?

Food, shelter, water, heat, A/C.

I am storing rice, noodles, pasta sauce, jams, and other things that have a long shelf life. Is your pantry full? How long would you last without a paycheck?

For shelter, I have places I can go if my landlord kicks me out. I am also prepared to go camping for a long period of time. I have skills enough to survive for a while alone in a forest, not long but enough to make decisions. What about you? Are you a hunter, fisher, gatherer? Do you have a place to go if the bank took your house? Do you have survival skills?

Water and filtering systems will be important as well. Carrying around lots of water will be cumbersome, with the ease of small water filtration devices now days will come in handy. As well as a store of water at home.

Heat. Fire. Hot water. Steam. Do you have a generator to run power for a hot water heater? Do you have a solar water heater? What options do you have to create heat and warmth if your electricity were to go out in the winter months?

Air Conditioning. Let's not shame those who live in the south or other hot and humid places in the country. The elderly and young are less hardy to take the heat. Stay cool in the shade if your AC is out. Ice with a fan on it can help. Again a generator will be of good use or a solar or wind powered option.

Economic recession, depression, collapse, what ever you want to call it. Is coming. Some would say it is already here.

By the end of 2020 I fully expect to be in the swing of an economic depression.

If not, great, all signs are signaling otherwise though. 2010 was a good time to start a business, time to close up shop and wait for the coming storm to pass!

I wish you all good luck in your journey.

I hope to post more often but this post really summarizes what I've been thinking lately.



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