A New Silver Medal and A Little Bonus Surprise!

Hey everyone!

Check out what came in the mail today!

The new 2019 American Liberty High Relief Silver Medal!

Removed the slip cover.
The card is really nice actually, it's textured and the stars are glittery
Seems like the box is broken, but the ends are finished nicely so I guess it's on purpose?
Box isn't bad, I think it's some sort of MDF.
Inside! There's a black cloth pad here. Everything is black and unless you guys pay for me to have a new/better camera, this is what you're getting lol
The Medal!
Compared next to the drawing, not bad.
First ever 2.5TOz silver medal by the US Mint! The block is made of wood and the medal fits snugly inside.
This is probably the best angle I could get.
Eagle landing on the backside. Pretty sweet.
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Very nice updated Liberty design, hey Sis, @silversaver888 you have this coin don't you?

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No, I do not have this coin... yet. Oh my, another one for my list, lol! Thanks for tagging me, sis @kerrislravenhill!

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August 21, 2019... 19.8 Hollywood Time...

2.5oz. It looks huge in your hand. Very nice medal.

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