BLOOD on the STREETS /// GOLD and SILVER BEAT DOWN ! / Silver at $16.03 // Bitcoin at $11,650 -- WHAT???steemCreated with Sketch.

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For those that are in the paper markets in dealing with Gold and Silver this sudden drop must be painful. I however have always preached that you need to have metals on hand. I'm not sweating a bit with this recent drop yesterday and today. I simply view this as a wonderful gift of a buying opportunity. Silver is near $16 an oz. This is just unheard of. Who would have thought Gold would be at $1,263, Silver at $16.03, and BITCOIN at a STAGGERING $11,650. REMEMBER, If you don't hold it, you don't own it. Gold and Silver is a sure thing. Look through the history books of the last 5,000 years. The #1 desire was for Gold and Silver. Nothing has changed. The FULL circle is about to catch everyone off guard. Those that aren't in precious metals investing will be chasing prices up like Bitcoin has done this last year. This is my opinion of course.

My eyes are on the Stock Market, U.S. Dollar, and Bitcoin. What's the ole saying... What Goes Up Must Come Down.
Like I say, what a wonderful opportunity this is. Good luck to all of us Stackers. Cheers Mates.

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I rather be early on the Gold and Silver... besides what an inheritance it will make as it also escapes probate and taxation. Yes held in hand as opposed to paper promise.


I totally agree. Thanks for your reply @kyusho . Cheers.

Need the encouragement after this smackdown :)

i want buy btc.. should i buy?


If you are rich. I myself would wait for a CRASH in Bitcoin. One is bound to happen sometime soon. Then I would buy... Possibly. This of course is only my opinion. Good luck in your investing. Cheers.


thanks brother for your advice.... ✌✌✌

Your posts are always good. I like your posts.Thank you so much! @
I always follow you and I'll wait for your next post.




welcome. I always follow you.Please come check my profile once.


Going there now.

I want a bitcoin.please help me

Well, I'm sure there might be a correction in BTC at some point... on the other hand, the public awareness of cryptos is spreading so rapidly that you have tons of new players entering a market with a very constrained supply. With gold and silver? Those have been around forever... nothing "new" there. Bitcoin? The market "base" is growing at an insane rate... seems to me a price drop is more likely when all those people start to learn that there is more than "just Bitcoin" and start moving their money to the most promising alt. coins.

No matter what they're able to do to bring down the price of gold and silver, they're never able to manipulate the "WEIGHT" of my PM's...

hehe... i think we are now living in a new digital era.