Recruiting for the Prospectors Gold Rush

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Only 8 days until the Gold Rush begins on June 26 so if you want to Get Ready for the #1 Blockchain Game of 2019 then you are running out of time. I’ve been playing in the Testnet for the last couple of weeks and working on a strategy. I’m well and truly cashed up now so if you want to learn the game in the Testnet I can definitely help you get going, but first let me tell you a bit about my operation.


I was late to start on the Testnet so I missed the initial Gold Rush and a lot of the good Gold plots were already taken. As I learnt the game and tried to find my place I decided to focus on support and supply. My first move was to build a Sawmill. I harvested some Wood at the start as I needed to clear my plots, but now find it cheaper to just buy the abundant wood nearby and transport it to the Sawmill. My cost basis is about 7 gold per 1kg of Wood. I then employ workers at around 5-7 gold per minute to craft the raw wood into Wood Beams or Boards that I either sell for profit or transport further down my supply chain (see below)

Early in my supply chain I also have an Iron Furnace which I built on top of an abundant Ore deposit so that I can pull it out of the ground and use it straight away. I also chose a plot that was nearby to good Coal and Clay deposits so that I could mine there and minimise transport. Here is where I manufacture Steel Blocks, Steel Plates and Nails at low cost. I sometimes pay workers 25-30 gold a minute to manufacture this stuff or mine the Ore, depending on market demand.

The jewel in the crown for my operation is the Tool Workshop. I cart in Wood Beams, Nails, Steel Blocks and Plates and manufacture all the Tools one might need. Sometimes I hire workers at 30+ gold a minute if demand is high but this is where my own workers mostly slave away. I primarily focus on Shovels, Picks, Hammers, Sledgehammers and the all-important Gold Pans. I then offer them up on the market at competitive prices for Prospectors to kit out on the way to the Gold plots. I’ve also handed a few valuable tools to friends to help them get going as it can be hard to make bank at the start.

By the time I had all the above operation set up the Gold was flowing in and as I can’t convert it to PGL from the Testnet I wasn’t sure what to do next. So I bought another plot and built a Cart Factory on top of the nearby Coal deposit (coal was in a bull market at the time) Here I can take some of my wood and steel products and manufacture Carts and Wagons to give my workers more carrying capacity. I’ve been able to make some extra Gold by buying low and selling high between other peoples plots, or even taking some of the more lucrative transport jobs. There is (surprisingly) not a lot of demand for Carts and Wagons at the moment so this part of the operation is just treading water.

All up I’ve got a pretty slick little operation running now with a handy bank of gold stockpiled. I think I’m ready for the real Gold Rush to start as the Mainnet launch is scheduled for June 26. Early access now costs 40 PGL (which is about $11.20 USD at todays price), but 3 days after that the game costs nothing to play. In the long run it looks like it will be a game that is fun, free and an opportunity to earn some crypto from playing. It is definitely going to be one of those games where getting in early will be an advantage, but even if you want to come in a bit later I should be able to give you a job, get you some tools and help you on your way.

Join the Prospectors Gold Rush

IMPORTANT NOTE – You will need an EOS account with some staked EOS for RAM and CPU to be able to play on the Mainnet.




@buggedout I am very excited to join the gold rush , this time I will try my best to earn some money. :-)

Good luck. Look me up when you get in there :)

ohhhhhhhhhhh YES.

Im not a big gamer but i have been playing this from you told me about it a few weeks and i am looking forward to it's going proper live. I'll be looking to join the early release :)

Looks like there are still a couple hundred early tickets but over 600 have sold so we'll have at least that many players on launch. Should be very interesting to see how the rush plays out.

Looks interesting. But I think I need to get a little EOS to try this game🤔

You can try the game out on the Jungle Testnet without an EOS account.

Though I would also recommend that everyone who is interested in crypto should have an EOS account.

Man, it looks interesting, but it's getting so tough between nextcolony and splinterlands... much time

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Yep, lots of games coming out now - this is just the tip of the iceberg.

I really do think this will be one of the best ones of 2019 though. I've been playing nextcolony and I find it a bit clunky and tiresome compared to this.

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