World Money Old Time Asian Money

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Looking at money from Asia can be fascinating, seeing the various types and the way they used to trade, here are some examples that i think you will interesting


Fascinating old tokens of exchange.
Do you own any silver yen or sen?
I would like to start collecting it but I keep hearing those are FLOODED with fakes. Very good fakes, apparently.

I can get the real ones they have some great ones

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Its really amazing coin.....
@britcoin keep sharing and supporting us...

thank you i will

Bro what kinds of money. I don't know about that. Thanks @britcoin

bullett money they used in thailand, Cambodia, and other

Wow, It's really seen bulleted.

They have great types of different money will show more soon

Of course, I want to see that's.

No problem

Interesting information did not know the money they used in Asia to trade. and it is important to analyze how money has evolved over time and technological advances have taken it to another level, such as crypto-money. imagine how it will be in 100 years.

we could end up where we started lol

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It's surprising those pieces hadn't been worn down yet. They must have been kept out of circulation for most of their lives, otherwise, I would think they would easily get worn down.

they are more sturdy than you think

Good to know! Thanks. :)

what kind of money that is ? can we use this for purchasing ?

if it is Silver or Gold you can use it for trading

ooh really that is great

What a wonderful collection! I could spend hours studying each coin...Thank you for posting.

Have more i will get more to show you

Truly love the look at the different currency. I think the reason I always enjoy ancient or foreign currency is because it often shows what is important in those cultures. I really love taking that look into that part of society. I really like the gold Japanese currency the most. Thanks for the showing brother!!

Your Welcome

interestig, thats something different than sovs

I know looking at different coins from around the world

Cada dia mas complacida de pertenecer a esta maravillosa comunidad, se aprende cosas interesantes, como este posts. Saludos.

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