The Weather Has Been Golden Just Like My Unboxing

in #steemsilvergold3 years ago

Want to see Gold in all its glory? Well sneak a peek at my Gold unboxing, it will make the summer even more golden!

▶️ DTube

My favourite would be the gold Red Dragon!! Drooling now....

gets some tissues then lol

Yes of course! I like to see gold in all its glory! Oh my, beautiful 1 oz Queen's Beasts! I am certainly looking forward to your unboxing!

lovely coin

Impressive results, as always.

Not Bad Eh

not bad eh

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Bro your collection is too good. Great unboxing. Thanks.

its getting there

Nice coin. thanks.

thanks alot

I really love those £5 sovereigns and to see a "70" has just made my desire to get one even higher.

I know sometimes opening the packaging can be a pain, but I'd rather too much packaging than not enough, especially when those coins are involved.

you have to get a £5 Sovereign they look great

Wonderful! Wonderful! Wonderful!

Thank you thank you thank you

@britcoin it's great..

thank you

Man, they really sealed that package up tightly for you. No chance of something falling out there.

"I could be here all day..."

I know the feeling. I don't like packages like that. You buy something that is in its packaging and you end up cutting yourself or breaking something just to get it out. Lame.

At least the contents of the package were worth it. I've never seen the sovereigns in real life. I've seen pictures, but I'm sure they're much better when you see them for real.

I like that you thought you were done and then you found another coin. That is the way all unboxings should be. You think you're done... "but wait, there's more!" And the 1983 sovereign looks great as well. :)

cant beat PF70'S

Beautiful coins!

don't you just love gold

@britcoin can't lie I really appreciate the fact that they sealed your package up so tightly. I have often conveyed to you that I am paranoid as heck with the post and when a company cares enough to protect their product it makes me happy as heck!! I actually think that the Bull of Clarence shows off a little better in gold and that proof just knocks it home. The Sov is gorgeous as is the dragon. Thanks so much for sharing brother!

You are a man f fine taste

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