Silver from Coin Show

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So I recently went to a local coin and stamp show with the goal of adding some silver to my growing pile.

The show went from Friday evening through Sunday afternoon, and I attended on Friday evening. The entrance fee was $5, but if you bought $10 worth of raffle tickets, you got in free. I purchased the raffle tickets and did not win, so essentially it cost me $10 to get in.

I am not sure exactly how many vendors there were at the show, but if filled up a good sized ballroom to full capacity. I saw on their website that the exhibitors had to pay $250 each to have a booth, so that may give you a frame of reference.

I went looking for silver bullion near spot, and, after perusing the tables and talking with the dealers, found the best deal I could get was $1.00 over spot on generic silver bullion. Well, that is OK, but certainly no steal, so I ended up only buying a few things.

First, I picked up a 5 ounce Sunshine Mint bar:



I purchased 1 generic silver round, the USS Constitution ship, from the same guy:


Lastly, I picked up a couple of cubes by Yeager's Poured Silver, weighing 1 ounce each:


The silver cubes were $20 each, but that is about the price that Yeager's sells them, so I was willing to pay a little more than spot. They also pour a little heavy in general, so they came out to 2.215 ounces total, so really the actual price per ounce is lower than what you pay.


All in all, I had a good time looking at things but most of it was not up my wheelhouse, as it was mostly rare and stabbed coins. I am stacking silver bullion primarily, as I do not know enough about rare coins and their value to make informed purchases. I also like to keep the end in mind, and it sure seems difficult to sell your silver at spot these days, as most dealers, local coin shops, pawn shops, etc expect a discount to spot when they buy them from you (of course, that is their business to buy low and sell high). Alternatively, selling online directly to other buyers involves more risk and shipping costs, which hurts your margins even if you did get a premium - all that to say, I just am sticking to the lowest priced silver I can find as I believe the price to be going higher over the long term (as part of a larger asset allocation).

There you go, that was my trip to the coin and stamp show, which yielded 8 ounces of new silver.

Thanks for reading, and take care,

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You can't go wrong with Silver, as long as you can afford to hold on to it for the long term.


I agree... I am in accumulation mode but still want to make sure I am getting a good deal. I know you are a stacker too... would love to see some more of your silver!

Very nice haul! I'm looking forward to the fall coin shows in my area. I plan on hauling in the booty!

Yeager usually has a booth at the big coin show. I always spend most of my money at his display!

Wow silver coins . I don't see this silver coins . Really this coin is very beautiful . Thanks for sharing @brian.rrr

Yeager is nice to see again for me. Why, I know a guy on YouTube - silverslacker - who bought kilo's and kilo's of them.


I am loving the poured silver lately... I am wanting more but they are harder to find good deals on. Thanks for stopping by!

There is a phrase that defines the coin collector: Buy the book before buying the coin. That is the good way to understand value in numismatics.
Your sentence: "I do not know enough about rare coins and their value to make informed purchases." is perfect, but many people don't follow it and later complain about their unsuccessful trades.

Those are some nice pick ups. And that’s about the going rate from show dealers and LCS’s unless you have a great relationship with one.

I have been considering going to a coin show at some point. There haven't really been any close to me. Or I haven't had enough money to justify the ones that were marginally close.

Your evaluation of the event helps me know what to expect. Since, like you I'm stacking for weight, I don't know that it would be the best place for me to get deals either. Thanks for the report!

Awesome pick-ups, @brian.rrr!!! Stack on, my friend!


Thank you! Appreciate you stopping by!

Reflection in first pic kinda makes it look like gold

Nice picks. I particularly liked the dice.

Beautiful silver coin. I love silver coins.

Wow!!! I will like to get me some of these silver coins.

How do I get them @brian.rrr when am ready?

From Nigeria.

Wao such a very beautiful silver coins,its design is so attractive,its shape is so great,Affordable price of this coin.couple cubes looks so amazing.thanks for sharig this great post,

The second coin is really nice. Saludos desde Venezuela my friend.

Congratulations, friend, the collection is growing rapidly. I really like the silver plate, it has a very good size.

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Wow these coins are beautiful. I liked that 2nd coin @brian.rrr which is your favourite

Oh this is cool. It's always smart to. Diversify in your portfolios. People thi k that the only thing to get now is crypto, but precious metals are still very valuable and a necessity. If anything, we will go back to paying in gems and rocks and valuable goods hahaha

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The USS round looks amazing. I need to see if there's something similar going on mear me.

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really very beautifull coin overall.every coin looks fantastic.specially,this couple cupes of Yeager's Poured Silver very wonderfull.most of the important that you describing every coin matter very perfectly.its very good thing and big quality one of them of you..thanks to sharing for your great post of steemsilver gold again review proper style..may god bless dear friend.. @brian.rrr very well done for your great work..

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