For Sale! Complete Set of the Steem Silver Rounds!

in #steemsilvergold5 years ago (edited)

Up for sale is my one and only personal set of the Steem Silver Rounds.


As you can see, these rounds started in 2017 with extremely low mintage numbers. The 2017 rounds sold out quick and were in extremely high demand on the secondary market.


The only reason that I'm selling these is because I'm not planning on continuing the collection, I'm getting out of collecting these types of pieces all together and just sticking with bullion.


I'm also not looking to make any money off of these. The price is high because that's what I paid for them, especially for the 2017 round. I'm just looking to break even. I paid 125 dollars for the 2017 round in the box pictured. I can prove this with prior steemit posts from the person I bought it from - Ray Brockman.


I'm asking 200 dollars plus shipping for the complete set and single display box.


Again, I'm not making anything off of this.


As you can see, the serial number is #111, which is a cool number to have.


This years design is my favorite design out of the three and I actually hate to get rid of it but like I said, I'm not planning on continuing the collection as the years go on.


If you don't have a complete set and want to start the series with the first years rounds, here's a great opportunity to get an awesome serial number. These will only go up in the future.


If you're interested in buying these, I accept PayPal and will give you a link to my address. I will "try" to check steemit daily for any inquiries. If I don't respond to a comment, you may have better success by leaving me a comment on a related video on my YouTube channel. Here's a link


Forget who I was talking to that didn't have the 2017, maybe it was @kerrislravenhill or @katrina-ariel, idk. Sweet though and in a couple months, if you still have them, I'll snatch em up.

Thank ya sir, just let me know and happy Holliday's to ya!

Hey @enginewitty are you still interested in buying these? I've had other people interested but every transaction has fell through for one reason or another.

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@bluelightbandit Hi Buddy i would be interested in buying these, im fine with the pricetag but unless my expenses come through next week i would have to wait till the 2nd of jan when i get paid and im in the uk so i dont know what the shipping would be, let me know pal if you can save them till then \o/

Hey man, I still have them. Sorry for the late reply, this is the first time I've logged on here since I posted.

I have no clue what shipping would cost to the U.K.

If you're still interested, I can go to the post office and try to find out?

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