2019 Steemit Round Update?


Hey guys! I've definitely been less active in these past few months than I used to be. I used to post every day religiously and visit as many posts as I could but life happened and social media had to be put on the back burner unfortunately.

Even though I've been trying to slowly get back in to posting on a regular basis, it has proven to be a challenge believe it or not.

Even though I haven't been posting every day, I have been logging on to see if the presales have started for the 2019 Steemit round. Whenever I do a search for it, all I ever find is older posts regarding design entries. I'm really surprised that I haven't seen more about it on here but maybe I'm just looking in the wrong places?

I'm sure someone will say that it has been talked about on Discord, I just haven't been on there in several months. I'm not even sure that I could log on if I wanted to because I rarely used it.

So can anyone catch me up to speed on when the presales start and where to go to do it? I'm paranoid about missing out on getting my number since I have matching numbers for the first two years.

Many thanks in advance!


It's all in hand buddy. You haven't missed anything yet. We are still yet to decide a design for the 2019 #steemsilverround

That's good to know! Based on the posts that I read, I thought the design would have been picked by now. Can't wait! Thanks for the reply!


Things have stalled. Steem round is still happening but we still haven’t picked a design. Voting for that will hopefully happen soon. @sevinwilson isn’t really on Steemit anymore (he pops in occasionally) so @raybrockman will be leading the charge on the rounds this year. If you follow Ray and @ssg-community you won’t miss out.

Sounds like I need to get with @raybrockman and see where we are at!

I hope life calms down here soon but May/June are my busy months in florida!

Thanks @dfinney! I miss you and the rest of #SteemSilverGold!

I completely understand the life thing happening. Would love to see ya more involved 👍

Thank you so much for the excellent explanation @dfinney! I do follow Ray but he hasn't posted anything about it since several days before the design deadline so I was kinda lost and surprised that I couldn't find any current posts about it lol. It's been taxing with just logging on here consistently with this thing called life happening but I will make sure to keep checking Rays posts when I can. Thank you again for reply!

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