Sweet Bison coin


Was at the local store saw this sweet coin and I had to buy son lol, it's a 2013 wood bison 1 oz silver coin from the wildlife series, I really like the background of the coin has very nice detail and was not much over spot so thats always great !
I made some more recent purchases today will be sharing shortly


Hope you got some value from my post,
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btc man.jpg


That is a sweet looking coin, great gif as well. :o)

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I think that for you, I shall show my Canadian Bison coins! I love the Bison/American Buffalo which is so iconic. It was for that reason that I got the coins. At that time, the coins of RMC were notorious for developing milk spots. So I had my Bison coins blackened. They came out so beautiful. I will try find them in storage then show it here on steemit for you. Stack on @bitcoinman!

I would love to see them , and this blackened business is unheard of for me will do some research, I can definitely see what you mean about the milk spots, see it on a few of their coins

Indeed I am a big fan of the background on this one the landscape and what not