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Something "profound" occurred to me last night. I was musing over the various bullish projections of the various assets and I asked myself, "Which one will happen first?"

  • Gold to $10,000???
  • Silver to $150???
    -BitCoin to $50,000???

I believe that's a very good question. Honestly, my first thought was... BitCoin!!! But, the longer I mused over it, the more I thought we could easily see ALL THREE of these assets go parabolic within a short period of each other. But, we will definitely have to see physical Gold and Silver "de-couple" from their paper derivatives, first. So, I honestly think BitCoin has the best chance to hit it's major bullish case, first.

Besides that, what if Gold went to $10,000 and Silver went to $150+ ??? The US Dollar and the whole world would probably look like a massive $#!tstorm hit every country. But, if BitCoin went to $50,000??? I don't think it would cause such a major disruption in the overall world - because it is EXPECTED to go well past this number, by those who believe in it.

At this point, I think most people who follow any sector of the market are expecting the US Dollar to die a slow death over the next decade or so. In fact, many of us realize that this process is already well under way.

Right now, I feel good with my physical silver holdings. I didn't even reach my target of 1,000 ounces, but I feel much more secure in my finances with where I am at today than I felt 2 years ago. However, going forwards I see more reason NOT to miss out on this current crypto rally. The FOMO is definitely strong with me now. I expect to make some more investments in BTC and take my profits in the form of gold and silver bullion.

I feel much more "in tune" with my understanding of what is going on with Gold and Silver prices. Check out these charts from about 6 weeks ago - where my predictions (in the color of hot-pink/purple) for both gold and silver went off with almost exact precision (except it happened more quickly than I anticipated):



Just as many analysts I watch have predicted: gold is leading the way upwards, compared to silver. In fact, gold just blew past some major resistance levels. So, after some re-testing, I expect to see it in a bullish move up to the $1,700 - $2,000 range. Silver should start to move upwards even faster - but more near the end of 2019 and into 2020.

And, there's been a lot of talk lately regarding the "BitCoin vs. Gold" debate. Frankly, I see both asset classes as being "anti-US Dollar" bets - so they are more complimentary than competing against each other, IMHO. They are both very different, in many regards, but they both have their uses and their value. And, I think they are both a good bet against the coming storm for the US Dollar.

DISCLAIMER: I am not a financial advisor. Anything in the above content is meant for educational/entertainment purposes only. Do not make trades based on this article. I am not responsible for any financial gains or losses you make in regards to this information.

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