tis a small shiny but i love it :)

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hiya ssg friends, tis only a wee coin I have to show you today, I always buy some silver whenever I have money, at some times there is enough for 1 ounce sometimes .......... anyway I always have to get something so, well I bought a half ounce silver coin .......tis a little beauty though :)
tis a perth mint half ounce lunar pig
fineness 999.9
weight 15.55
year 2019
face value $0.50
diameter 36.60
thickness 1.97
obverse elizabeth, 2019, 1/2 oz, 9999 ag, 50 cents
reverse depiction of pig, perth mint p stamp, chinese character of pig, inscription year of the pig

I bought it for the design and it's perth mint :) I still have my rooster to buy so I shall now begin my 'I need a rooster' mission :) for it is time :) after my rooster I shall concentrate of filling in some blanks on my basics collection in which I intend to have at least one example of each 'popular' coin and bar, I have yet to buy such things as liberty coins or kangaroos, and of course a sunshine bar :) I just like the idea of owning a bar of sunshine :)
also of course I will be on my search for nice pieces of poured silver at the moment I am literally drooling over a video of a hand poured solid silver heart, I swear I fell in love with this man :) he poured the most perfect heart with the most beautiful ripples and then stamped it I love you he made it obviously for someone special, but I must admit that someone is very lucky and I am officially jealous :) not in a bad way more in a god you are sooo lucky I would love to have that kind of way :) as some of you know I love anything with any kind of heart design, and it is for good reason.
A little about the feng again :)
you see in feng shui, and this also works for law of attraction too, when you want to encourage something into your life for example, love, then you surround yourself with a symbol or representation of it, or if you want to get complicated and do the heavy feng shui stuff then a lot of measuring and maths is involved, and then you take said heart shape or representation and place where the calculations say to place it. You don't need to do all that though you can just incorporate the heart or whatever you chose into your every day life and it works :) so for me I collect hearts, I draw hearts, I send hearts :) I wear them and eat them (chocolate ) I have cups with hearts on and it represents the concept of drinking from a cup of love you see it's all about symbolism and concept :) if you would prefer to adopt the feng shui for gaining money then again in simple terms collect coins, draw coins, send coins, wear coins, thats how it goes again for more complicated feng shui then you would calculate your best money corner in your home or office and place coins there, now at this point there are many other things you can do but thats like writing a book on feng shui and I have to go to the shop for sandwiches :) tis lunchtime you know :)

thank you for reading
images and writing by Velveteen 2018



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I collect different animal bullion, i think i will probably take a pass on the pig but it is still good piece to have.


what sort do you collect? i am interested in everything :) and its all new to me :) i definitly will be buying queens beasts i love them , if you have recommendations i would love to hear i respect your opinion and always love seeing new designs, thank you for coming to visit my little corner here :) i appreciate it, hope you have a fab day, much respect to you

Thank you for your continued support of SteemSilverGold


many thanks, respect to all ssg community

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thank you, respect

I upvoted your post.

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many thanks for your support, respect

I'm guessing the Ripple hearts of BYB. I have one from him with a little leaf stamp perfectly placed in the sweet pour spot.


yes :) you got it in one :) wasn't it the most beautiful thing! i did drool :) and those little leaf stamps are just the cutest thing :) i love watching videos of pouring its my relaxation method :) but when i saw him pour the heart i was in a state of bliss :) and you are so right he placed it perfectly! i swear any man did that for me i would melt into some kind of delirously babbling puddle muttering about how i would climb mountains, cross oceans for him, that sort of thing :) course if he can also talk crypto and rabbit holes with a dash of quantum physcis and interdimensional travelling long into the night and likes a good smoke well then we are talking marriage material :) i live in hope :) there has to be one bloke out there with these talents :) thank you for popping round my place for a visit i appreciate it :) i shall get drunk bob to share his virtual grog with you :) have a fab day, much respect to you :)
errrmm i had a word with drunk bob and he said he didnt get where he is today by going around sharing his grog :) sorry about that


These were tough to get in the beginning as I recall because BYB sold out fast before I can get on the email to him. The original Gentleman who got there before me let me have the one I wanted. What a Gentleman, @silvervessel ! I didn't have to climb mountains but after a whole bunch of dramatic hoops later the result is this video It was close enough to Valentines day anyway.


sounds like an adventure! i shall go watch the video thank you, and you are very lucky to own such a beautiful item :)

I smiled when you talked about a good point in your house to put some coins. As I have coins spread along my whole apartment, I will of course have some at the correct place...


yes you will :) its also good to put some coins under the welcome mat at your front door , it signifies money always coming into the house, i put them under all my rugs as well :) any coins will do, good to hear from you my friend, hope you are well and finding lots of treasure :) thank you for dropping by i appreciate it, have a fab day, much respect to you

Very nice pickup the lunars are exceptional quality Coins! One by one the booty box grows! 🗃👊


yes i love growing my stacklet :) and each coin is an adventure :) my youngest daughter thinks i am quite odd lol and has told me i am no longer allowed to get excited at the mailman and say things like i hope he has a shiny for me ! apparently it is embarassing for her :) i made no promises :) thank you for dropping in my place always nice to chat with friends , i cannot offer you virtual grog though it would appear drunk bob has lost touch with his generous side.........
much respect to you