egyptian series, number 1

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hiya ssg friends!
Luckily soon I will be able to get back to working hard on my silver creations, I have started with making the first ring in my egyptian series, I aim to make each ring unique and have started with this quite simple design which I will expand upon in the future so this ring gets the honour of being ring number one, weighing in at 6.39 gms of lovingly handcrafted pure fine 999 silver goodness I am very happy with how this little sweetie has turned out.

I have improved enormously in my silver art creating skills and quite proud of my hard work and seeing it develope, I have as always a zillion designs and a few in the eygptian series as I like ancient egyptian design elements, this year is going to be brilliant :) I will be constantly making silver fabulousness and literally so excited about it all I could just run around in happy little circles just like my beloved little japanese chin
this beautiful little dog has been an adored and beloved member of our little family for a long time now and is rather difficult to take a picture of on account of being a very happy little dog and when japanese chins are happy they turn around and around in little circles I honestly don't know how she doesn't get dizzy :)
wishing everyone a lovely day
keep the love of silver alive in '19!



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So do you have anything I can add to my community pour box?

1/2oz or 1oz but don't charge me too much. Give me a price, you have my address 😉


my dear sir welshstacker , i would love to make something for you, first though kind sir will you please tell me some of your fave things so i have an inkling of what will appeal to you, and a style suggestion eg a ring, a pendant,(pendants are easier though i have no wish to sway your decision) those are the two fields i have learned though i am aiming to learn earrings, nose rings etc soon, if its to be a ring i need a size :) huge thank you for your support, i appreciate not only the support you show me i also appreciate the work you put into ssg, and the idea that you do everything on top of working hard and supporting your lovely family, aah its so long since mine were little and it all goes so quick, spend every moment you can with those you love specially little ones they grow up so quick, ok i digress :) tis a huge thank you to you my friend i look forward excitedly to making something for you, you have my full respect

Thank you for your continued support of SteemSilverGold

Very cool! Thanks for sharing it is addicting isn't it?


hiya its lovely to hear from you! i hope you are all well and oh my gosh you are so right! i eat, sleep, dream, sweat :) ideas and designs! and i love every part of the process, though my fave part is the filing/ polishing/ finishing part, seeing the finished piece is thrilling and the polishing is like meditating, i am always on the go doing something always creating, so its difficult to get me to take five and relax, i always feel like im wasting time if i relax~ i could be making things! so when i polish file etc its the one time i sit still and the polishing is my meditating time :) thank you for visiting my full respect to you both and those you love, wishing you all the best for 2019