3 Reasons Why Silver Should Be your #1 Investment!

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Silver is has been around ever since god created earth and has been used throughout time as a currency and a way to make electronics and other products. It is a necessary resource that can't afford to be undervalued for much longer, and will explode in the near future.

Being a silver investor at 14, I have learned a lot. And one thing that I have been doing was buying consistently, regardless of price, because silver is way undervalued as of now. It is something you should buy now before it goes sky high in price.

Numbero uno!

Silver is used in practically everything and we can't go without it! Silver has many uses and is used in many things that you are probably using right now! It is used in computers, televisions, cell phones, cars, and many other electronics or mechanical objects we need for everyday life. Silver is a great conductor, which makes it valuable. There is a demand for it. Human beings rely on it...And there is only so much of it on earth.

Number two!!

Fiat currencies around the world are failing! Once the fiat currencies of the world begin to fail, we will be forced to return to a barter system to keep an economy going. These primitive systems will most certainly be run on silver and other precious metals.

Number 3!

The industrial use for silver is growing exponentially! Industries are producing new products and ideas that require the use of silver..which means there's more demand for it, which means that the price will most likely go up in the near future. Silver has many rare and valuable characteristics, and due to these rare characteristics, the number of industrial applications for silver has skyrocketed. In fact, industry now gobbles up more than half of all silver demand.


Anyways, that's all folks!

My favorite silver piece!


-I have hope for my life,family, and friends thanks to steemit-1.png

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Fine for limited local barter, but good luck paying for that drone order from Bangood in China with silver, or gold. Crypto and the block chain is the future of everything.


Both investments are good in my opinion because one is tangible and reliable and the other is revolutionary. I think it is best to invest in both to have a diverse nest egg...


Yes, and I DO!!!
Silver is the best TRADITIONAL Investment by far!
I am heavy into Crypto now, but I already had lots
of Silver, and it is also my Exit Strategy from Crypto ;)
(not an total exit, however!)

SILVER is EMP-Proof, whereas the blockchain is not :(


right on!!

"Once the fiat currencies of the world begin to fail, we will be forced to return to a barter system to keep an economy going."

Why wouldn't people just use cryptos like bitcoin? Precious metals are very impractical for the average person when it comes to storage and security. Cryptos are much more convenient for transactions, especially cross-broders transfers.


True, but crypto isn't really a physical investment and let's say that there is a cyber attack or something like that and all of your cryptos aren't accessible anymore, what the hell are you going to do? That is what makes silver so valuable is it is used in most things like electronics, construction, even some electricity conducting clotheing, etc. It is an asset you can hold.


IF there is a cyber attack of such severity that the entire internet is shut down, precious metals won't save you. You would only be able to barter with those in your surroundings.

In that kind of scenario, canned food, ammo, alcohol...etc, will be usefull and practical.

The other "issue" with precious metals is that the supply is not limited and quantifieable like it is in bitcoin. There is always new silver being mined and nobody can predict the rates at which this supply comes into the markets.

I agree that silver is better than fiat, but it's just not practical in our digitized, global economy.

My 2 Satoshi.


They will save you. You can build and engineer with silver and create things like radios and communication devices from it, or use it to conduct electricity. And with a value like that, silver can be bartered and will be worth something if something like a cyber attack or an economic collapse were to happen. It has uses.


I agree that silver has its uses - no argument there. I'm just saying in a collapse scenario like the one you postulate in your post, you will have to first secure your silver from thieves and gangs.

If you want to know what kind of world you would be looking at, watch The Road, starring Viggo Mortensen.


I've seen the road, great film, and that scenario is why you buy guns and have a place to hide your silver.


14yo schooling a tech wizard ;)

Like you, I am in BOTH Silver (& Gold) and CRYPTOS!
Cryptos can make a comeback after a collapse, IMO.
But it might be a while, depending upon the Type and severity of the collapse. Certain pure Economic Collapse scenarios are very very favorable for BTC and other cryptos, but PMs will also rise wildly in most of these. Again, I am heavy into BOTH. But most SHTF, TEOTWAWKI and WROL scenarios heavily favor PMs. My "preps" for any and all collapses are weighted thus:

  1. Physical Preps: Food, water, fuel, essentials...
  2. Protection: (iykwim) ;)
  3. PMs: a lot of SILVER and a little Gold
  4. Cryptos... but gaining on PMs!

Silver is also being used for medical reasons and it's also in clothing and as far as a conductor it's the best out there, cheers

I agree...hope it all comes true

Made a post about my first time buying silver. I'm already addicted. I want, and will get more!

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100% vote for 100% correctness and 100% amazement that you get it at such a young age... humanities future needs you and young ones like you.



So true i was just arguing with my friend few days ago about silver how it's undervalued, you sad it all totally agree just don't understand why no more upvotes for this post people get more greedy with that upwote thing!

That troy oz bar looks cool. Where do you buy your silver from? I live in the UK and have no idea where I would buy silver bars. I've read similar things from a number of sources that suggest silver is undervalued so wouldn't mind investing a bit myself


You can invest from local stores or on ebay, but on ebay be careful, only buy from the sellers Mcm and apmex

You tell them man, spread the word! I'm surprised that little monarch piece is your favorite one.

I agree, though it doesn't rise as faster as diamonds or golds but yes, it will be more expensive than gold one day.

SILVER as an investment, TODAY, is on par with BTC as an investment today, maybe even better. Jim Rickards has an email out that is saying Trump has the desire, opportunity, and even the responsibility to put us back on a Gold Standard. The necessary price of Gold would be $10,000/ozT and if it is pegged at that level, MANIP-MANOP of precious metals would essentially END, which would then place the value of SILVER at approximately $1000 to $1250 per Troy Ounce. That price is based on the current mining ratios of Silver to Gold, about 8 to 1. At recent prices of $16, that would be at least a 60x increase!!! Versus an 8x increase for Gold, which has been running $1250 or so. STACK SILVER! It's great for regular investments, and SHTF insurance!

BTW, I do have my stash WELL Secured against SHTF Raiders ;)

If gold can have such mainstay in today's market no reason as to why silver cannot be on the same pedestal.

Silver is not only 'poor mans money' but you can make Colloidal Silver out of it with proven health Benefits:

  • Antiviral and Antibacterial
  • Great for Wound Care/Skin Health
  • Help against Pink Eye/Ear Infections
  • Anti-Inflammatory
  • Helps fight off Sinusitis
  • Great against Cold/Flu
  • Helps fight Pneumonia

(source: https://draxe.com/colloidal-silver-benefits/)

Silver is my favorite metal. You got my vote plus a RESTEEM ;]


thx m8

But since Gold has taken the preference, silver has lost its charm. Might be someday people will understand the importance of Silver as well.

In addition to what you said, silver is a resource that is being consumed. I do not know the figures but if the world continues at the rate that it is producing things then silver will become much more rare in the future.


Amen to that! Especially with the commercial use of it, it's gonna get more and more rare by the years. Grab it while you can.


I agree!!!

In all the doomsday scenarios being talked about in all the replies there will only be one thing you will want to make sure you have and that is the most guns. No need to barter when you can take. Survival of the fittest.


That depends if people are civil enough to run a system or government.


Good Luck to raiders, looking to punch a ticket to Hell ;)

Really, if one is that lazy and evil, I will have no problem accommodating!
Survival Fitness includes a plan, and taking by force is the LCD, or
Lowest Common Denominator. Such people are not worth having
around to repopulate the Earth... They will eliminate themselves!

Really you well ahead of the game.. wish i had started stacking silver and gold alot sooner. Gold will always be number 1 but silver has a greater potential. spme say the true values are around $9000 an oz for gold and $1000 for silver so a ratio of 9-1 rather than ratio we have now. Thats also been the case for as long as it's been a storage of wealth and not going to ever change imo. gold is useful to but is not used alot due to the cost of it. silver's the cheaper alternative this is one reason i think it is undervalued corporate greed. but thats another story

I think if you took all of your silver and converted it into Bitcoin, BTC would win long term.

Where do you pick up your silver?

Great post on silver and thank you for sharing wish i hadn't sold some of my silver off now but you live you learn !

thank you.
good information !

Make sense but I doubt that earth was created by God...

From reading some of your posts, I can see you have great insight and wisdom for a 14 year old...I wish I had your drive and curiosity when I was your age. Since it's obvious you are on a very good path to great rewards, I will only remind you of the old saying "don't keep all your eggs in one basket."


Welp, thats why I invest in crypto as well as silver...diversify

Nice post alex....i upvoted it and followed you.

One cool thing I'm going to write about shortly that's also interesting about silver is that of all the other assets it has the CLOSEST correlation to BTCUSD.

Great post! Wish I would've gotten into silver at your age.

You summed it up quite perfectly! I can't get enough silver, once the failed experiment of the central banks has run its course silver will reign supreme. I know crypto people like to hate on this 'rock' but silver's been money longer than anything else and currencies will always fall back to their inherent value of zero. Silver is wealth protection and is generational, keep stacking!

F.U.R.R. for Alex-Icey!



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Gold is also used in building stuff :)


Not really. Gold is used in electronics for its non-corroding properties.
Fine art and jewellery is about all its used for.
So that the gold that was used is still around.

I am with Bix and Buckminster that there is WAY more gold than any would admit. That if we knew how much gold there actually was in vaults, then gold might not be a precious metal anymore.


Silver is used in electronics..."Almost all electronics are configured with silver. From turning out the lights to turning on your television, if it has an on/off button, it’s likely that silver is playing an important role, behind the scenes.

Its excellent electrical conductivity makes it a natural choice for everything from printed circuit boards to switches and TV screens." (http://www.silverinstitute.org/site/silver-in-industry/electronic/)


Gold is mainly used in connectors that are plugged and in-plugged frequently, because of the non-corroding properties, but is actually a relatively poor conductor. It is #3 after SILVER, and Copper.
Barely better than Aluminum, here's a chart from memory, but I am an Electrician, so it's pretty close LOL!!!

  1. SILVER, @106%
  2. Copper, @100% (soft drawn is the benchmark, hence the 100% rating)
  3. Gold, @ 67% of Copper
  4. Aluminum, @ 64% of Copper...

Just adding info, I agree with your entire post except the very last 1/2 sentence.
Gold would still be a Precious Metal, but valued under SILVER. It was during the
Egyptian times of the pyramids, one Pharaoh had a sarcophagus of pure Silver!
Even based on Bix's largest estimates, Gold is still relatively scarce, just under Silver.
Except the Silver Supply is dwindling, ending up in landfills. It is estimated that
Silver prices must exceed $350/ozT to make recycling the more vague uses profitable.
It is useful in minute quantities in Many Items!

And one thing about currencies is that Bitcoin is the new currency + new save heaven (instead of gold) the most safest way of storing value trust me it will continue to skyrocket until the last Bitcoin is mined (somewhere 2020) and the price will continue to grow but on a slower rate... And here is the best btc wallet/ saving site that offers 4% annual interest rate + many more options and lotteries you can get btc for free https://freebitco.in/?r=4656436 and this one has awesome referal bonus that goes 7lvl's deep https://qoinpro.com/fa78859ba6d5aa08f38582084d89ecb1 join and see for yourself and pls comment