SteemShovel Update - Search by Author or Tags! has just been updated with the ability to search by Author and Tags.  A little select box is now to the left of the normal Search input that allows you to limit the search to those two fields.

More updates coming soon! 


We definitely need a search capability in Steemit. Can you expand the filters or allow more advanced search parameters? Upvoting for support.

How would you like to see it work? I'm totally open to suggestion for new features.

I love this tool great now we have a sweet update. Are most of the issues fixed?

Still working through bugs but we're getting there. Hopefully there won't be much (if any) more downtime at least.

Thanks for adding this post to steemit, I got a lot from it. Keep Steeming :)

Perhaps we could search by number of flags and give that Cheetah bot a public API to work with!

There's an API built in already it's just not documented on the site yet. I'm going to write up a doc and post it on the site though.

I'm also working on a set of "advanced search" options as we speak. hoping to have something in a day or two