SteemShovel Update - New Search Index and Upgraded ElasticSearch

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Update 08/09/2016 - New Search Index

I have completely rebuilt the search index with more details and better search-ability. As of now I'm still a few blocks behind but the indexing process will be running until it's caught up.

I've also updated the ElasticSearch cluster to version 2.3

In addition to the update to the index I'm almost done with some other features including restricting search to Posts or Comments. I'm also almost done with some UI enhancements that will make the search results a little more readable and pleasing to the eye.

As of the right now (6:00 PM GMT -5) the index includes 192,681 posts and comments. The index will be well over 200,000 by the time it's finished. I wouldn't be surprised if it's up near 250,000.

As always, feedback is welcome. Thanks to the community for the continued support.

Edit: Updated the UI a little bit to show vote count and earnings for each post. Also handled HTML in the body a little better.


Keep up the good work.

Bravo! It's great when members like you provide a services that add value to Steemit. We all profit from your hard work! UPVOTED!

WOW - The indexing finished running sometime over the night and ended up with 534,008 items. Apparently once you get past block 3,000,000 the traffic really ramps up.

What's the link again? Perhaps include that with each post?