- Update 08/31/2016 - Search Multiple Tags / Authors - Update!

At the recommendation of @akareyon I implemented the ability for you to search by multiple authors or tags.  All you have to do is separate them with a space and the search will include them.  The search is set to require a post to match a minimum of one tag/author in the list in order to appear in the results.  The more tags/authors that match, the higher in the results the post should appear.

Before Today's Update

After Today's Update

Thanks again to @akareyon for the suggestion.  I really appreciate the feedback and awesome input.


I use this search engine all the time now. Thank you! And, would you be able to add the date that the posts/comments were created?

I sure can - that's a pretty simple addition. I'll get that in today.

Feature has been deployed!

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Awesome! Now it's complete.


what ever happened to this? i am trying to search multiple tags and am coming up empty..i am wanting to curate and re steem specific articles.. like #travel #costarica and want to auto resteem and upvote etc.. any pointer?

From the bottom of my heart, @kaptainkrayola: THANK YOU!

You're very welcome. Glad someone is enjoying the tool :)