Update 08/30/2016 - Improved Search Results - Update!

I've been lucky enough to have a few people provide feedback on the search results and recommend some improvements.  Thanks to @fabien for working with me to clean up the results.   

I would love if more of you guys would give me feedback on how you think the search is working.  You can find me on as @kaptainkrayola or  post a comment here with your thoughts. 

 Also if you have experience with ElasticSearch and would like to help, please ping me as well.

This update was all about improving search results

I have been working up from a very simple full text query into prioritizing Posts over Comments and now into further tweaking things to give higher priority to newer content and more popular content. 

The current process for ranking results is still pretty simple but getting better.  It works like this:

  • Results are ranked by relevance based on the search term
  • At the same time, posts with a net vote count of less than 0 are just ignored.  I don't care to show spammy or otherwise invaluable content.
  • Posts are then prioritized over Comments 
  • Results are ranked based on how new they are with newer posts getting more weight
  • Results are ranked based on how many net votes they have.  We assume that a new post with lots of votes is probably something people are interested in and should be giving priority in the results.

Upcoming Improvements

  • Click Tracking to augment determining how popular a post is.  We'll limit how much impact this has as well as how clicks are tracked to discourage and mitigate abuse.
  • Total SBD payout influence.  Right now Net Votes is a factor but Total Payout is not.  Because of this someone with lots of accounts being used to mass upvote would get priority over a post created at the same time with less votes but more earnings.  Earnings suggests the post is of higher quality due to more people with more Steem Power voting.

Thanks everyone for your continued support and please leave a comment with any feedback and/or ping me on anytime.


An option to pull up comments would be cool then I could find any comment/reply that mentioned @dwinblood if I wanted to.

I found some root level blog entries I hadn't seen before using