- Shutting down Feb 1, 2017

At the end of this month I'll most likely be shutting down the search service.  I haven't had any time to work on the product for months and judging by what Google Analytics is telling me, nobody uses the site anyway.  So rather than continue to pay the server bills I'll most likely shut it down Feb 1.  

I will try to get the code for the queries and things chopped up and on github so someone else can set it up if they want but no promises.  

Thanks for all of your support along the way and if I didn't have projects that were actually paying me well for my time I'd be able to keep going with this one.  If something changes between now and Feb 1 and the service isn't going away, I'll post here again and let everyone know.

Have a good Sunday!



Wishing you the best in whatever you do!

Thanks! Maybe once I get some more free time i'll be back for another Steemit related project. I enjoy the community a lot.

Darn kaptainkrayola, too bad its not used more, its a great service I just included it with autosteem, but I guess I'll remove it there if you are going to end the service. Totally understand though. What's it need for hosting BTW? Just curious in case it is something that might fit with hosting I have?

It's mostly the servers hosting ElasticSearch. The app end of it is a tiny linux box but the ElasticSearch nodes are where the money is spent. ElasticSearch boxes cost around $70/month to maintain.

OK, thanks! Doesn't look like I could run that without adding costs myself, so nevermind. Too bad.