@steemshop is back with a new team, new look & new system

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We all love simplicity right? That's why we at @steemshop have teamed up to bring you the simplest possible system to buy or sell anything using Steem or SBD.


This infogram was kindly produced by @hungryhustle

The Team

Created by @samstonehill 16 months ago @steemshop aimed to keep this 'anything goes' marketplace on Steemit, permitting us to spend our STEEM & SBD earnings without having to leave the platform.

In the last 3 months the much needed team has arrived, giving this project renewed energy and wider world coverage:

@samstonehill (USA & Europe)
@kenistyles (USA, Europe & Asia)
@claudiaz (South America & Europe)
@hungryhustle (Asia)

The Community

Discord is now our main server for all things @steemshop where you will find buyers & sellers discussion groups, general chat & post promotion.

Discord link here.


The System

In order to keep this marketplace growing we have implemented a system of including the '4 simple steps' infogram with your product posts, using #steemshop as the first tag. In this way you will be eligible for an upvote & a resteem into @steemshop giving you that wider audience you seek.

The upvote & resteem service will remain FREE until the @steemshop account reaches 1000 followers.

Buyers contact sellers under their product posts and when the product is no longer available it is the seller's responsibility to indicate this in the comments.

Screen Shot 2018-07-04 at 12.40.52.png

The Guidelines

While you are free to advertise your products any way you like, by following our guidelines you will be more likely to connect with a buyer.

Make sure to include:

  • PHOTOS (multiple angles if it is a physical product)
  • DESCRIPTION (include as much info as possible)
  • CONDITION (is there anything you want to tell us about the condition?)
  • SHIPPING (what is your location & weight of product?)
  • PRICE (to avoid fluctuations in STEEM/SBD list your price in USD)

It is the responsibility of the buyer and seller to make the appropriate arrangements and honour them.

Screen Shot 2018-07-04 at 12.40.52.png

The Future

When @steemshop achieves over 1000 followers, we will introduce a fee of 0.1 SBD for the resteem service.

This will be increased by 0.1 SBD with every further 1000 followers, giving @steemshop greater voting power and the ability to give back to those who choose to advertise their products with us.

The Premium Service

Collectively the @steemshop team have over 10,000 followers and for a fee of 1 SBD you will be resteemed by all of us.

You will also gain entry into the weekly @steemshop 'magazine' which features selected products.

Screen Shot 2018-07-04 at 12.40.52.png

Other ways to be eligible for an upvote, resteem & more:

  • Write a review or promotional post for @steemshop

  • Create a product listing post using existing products in @steemshop

  • If you are looking for a product not listed in @steemshop you can write a post describing it and how much you are willing to pay

  • If you have over 1000 followers and would like to be a part of the @steemshop resteem group (for the premium service) get in touch with us on Discord. Please note we will only consider accounts which are posted from regularly with quality content.

Always make sure to include the '4 simple steps' infogram with your posts and use #steemshop as the first tag.


If you are looking for colourful and creative ways to spice up your posts with @steemshop branding you will find a zip file of goodies on Discord


Honored to be part of helping move this project along. Especially at a time like this I feel getting the momentum and value heading positively is huge and when we all come together, this service can go viral across the chain as a go to search option for trading goods and services!

The possibilities are huge from the ebayer, spring clean to the ecom dropshipper and marketers. Exciting times for all of this to unfold on one of the fastest, fee-less and proven blockchains to date.

Let's GO STEEM shopping! 🎉

Will be back in the UK in a few weeks and this time I will be going through all my old junk (in my mum's out house) seeing what I can sell for a little extra steem ;)

Great to have you with us bro

What do you think about Asia?
Asia will be one of the largest marketplace for Steemit in future, But Countries like South Korea China and India are not doing good.
on the other hand Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand, Dubai are ready to work with Block chain and Crypto Community..
There is any plan to meetup in Honk Kong or Bankock.

Yes Bangkok hosts many ecom sellers and already has some big events and seminars attracting a wide international audience. We're focused right now on grass roots building our core selling community here on the platform, building the VP and rep of the main account and launching a delegators rewards program.

Then I feel the team will have a strong product to go and present #SteemShop at these conventions and shows. The Asian marketplace is bubbling right now.. let's make it STEEM!! 👍

Excellent @samstonehill as we are already getting requests for "example" sales posts. I feel we created the minimum guidelines specifically to allow for sellers maximum creative freedom. However with this being so new, some founding team leadership is warmly welcomed from the prospective sellers. I've no doubt the community creativity will take off on it's own once we get going.. 👍

I will have one up later today!!

a very exciting new project, glad to be a part of this team!

Great to have you with me!

And thank you for coming up with the final design for the avatar :)

you are most welcome my friend, it was a pleasure as always

I love @steemshop: followed and resteemed!

A big hug from @amico!

Thank you :)

Let's get the Italians into this marketplace!

I am sure together we will take this Project on the top. Glad to be a part of the team with @samstonehill, @claudiaz and @kenistyles. Special thanks to Keni for introducing me to this amazing project. Will contribute in any way I can. :-)

Let's buy and/or sell stuff on @steemshop. ;-)

Love your infographic Prashant!! Gonna start playing TODAY!

Great to have you with us my friend. Thanks for all your design work.

...and let's get selling!

This sounds super interesting. Way to add value to the platform and keep Steem circulating!
Ideas are perking... banana-type ideas. :-)

Banana type ideas are the best :)

I'll use the tag for my already weekly "Games shop list" but I don't think I'll change the content of it to suit the guidelines more (because getting a picture for each game will be too much effort for me, and I think this is enough.)

I'm really glad that the service (re)started. Followed. Hope to see the best!

This is a great concept. I am buying/selling a cryptocurrency through Steemit so will try this for sure.

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