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After the last controversies with the SteemAuto tool we decided to move our healing trail to the tool empowered by @italygame called steem-fanbase in order to continue offering not only our votes but also those of our followers, today you will learn how to join to the new curation trail.

Going to the link left above we will see the following menu where we must log in with our posting key, To do this, locate the "login" button as in the image below.


We will be redirected to SteemLogin where with our posting key we can log in to steem-fanbase. Enter your username, the key and click on continue


Our next step will be to give the necessary permissions to steem-fanbase so that it can work correctly, for this go to the "authorize" button as showed in the image bellow.


Repeating the process in steemlogin you will start with your posting key and authorize the app.


Once authorized you will be able to follow our trail, to do this locate and click on the button "followed trails"


You will see a list of all the trails created, here you can follow the trail you like, in this case locate steem-seven and click on "follow".


After a few seconds the page will reload and you will see at the beginning that you are already following steem-seven or, failing that, the trail you want to follow.


We continue working for you, thank you for reading us on this occasion!

We are the hope to the helpless posts.

wow.i well follow this flow chart

Excelente @alejos7ven la mejor decisión!

Listo desactive Steemauto y seguí la ruta de curación por steem-fanbase...

como lo desactivaste??

Aun no logro ingresar al trail por steem-fanbase

Hablanos al Discord ;)

le doy seguir y no me aparece que la estoy siguiendo. alguien me ayuda??

Hola, @trizandrades ¿Tienes discord?

si, trizandrades#8753

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