Tell Your Story. Join Us and #IntroduceYourself.

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#introduceyourself has been a big hit here on Steemit. Feel free to use this image to help recruit new members and spread the word!

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Awesome, I've got it downloaded, now to spread the love around!

Very nice aesthetics, but it seems like you're missing the most important part of the community, which is that an #IntroduceYourself post will likely result in acquiring an amount of Steem Power that is not insignificant. On the one hand, you can't promise money on the Internet - consumers have developed a sense that anything that does so is a scam. But skipping the monetization of content entirely? You're not just burying your lede, you've entirely deleted it.

Pointing out that this is a social network that runs on cryptocurrency, or "if karma was cash" will help increase the intrigue among viewers. Just my 2 Cents.

Introduceyourswelf is moving forward , very nice indeed

Thanks for that, I feel surrounded by great content but am concerned on the structure currently - need to learn still.

It's awesome...i love it