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Each of us has at least 100 potential followers in our lives from family, Facebook friends, Twitter followers, neighbors, business associates, and the contact lists in our phones! Signing up for a new Steem account and expecting people to discover us for the first time naturally while browsing is insane because most readers already have enough authors to follow.

With over 10,000 followers today, I am grateful that at least 3,000 to 7,000 of those following here have joined after following somewhere else. What might not be obvious are the systems I use to guide my existing followers into Steem. Here is a brief look which I hope is helpful for each of us to convert our existing followers into followers on Steemit!

How do I bring existing followers to Steem?

  1. Every post I make on Steemit automatically publishes to Facebook and Twitter. See how in this tutorial at In summary, every day 20,000+ people see the posts I make on Steemit appear in their feed on Facebook and Twitter.
  2. In most of my YouTube videos since June 2017, I find a way to mention Steem with many videos being exclusively about what is happening here. For example, in a recent Bittrex tutorial I mentioned that I hold the majority of my cryptocurrency investments in my Steem wallet.
  3. During most contacts I have with friends and family, I mention what is happening with Steem. My mom is thinking about signing up. My wife finally let me make her an account @laurabanfield. My brother is not interested in joining but he enjoys hearing how the entire business is going. I pitched my mother in law and father in law on Steem. All of the clients I speak with learn about Steem with many signing up and investing.

When I signed up to be of service to our community, my plan was to bring all my own followers with the understanding that the law of attraction would convert a few existing users in as well. How many of the people joining Steem to follow me are also following you and thousands of other authors here? In reading the comments, I see new connections being made every day with often readers initially following me and then becoming much more excited about another author that responded to comments in posts like this.

What gives me absolute confidence about the 10x rise in Steem price and growth of our community has been the support of thousands of followers all rallying here after being scattered among Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, online courses, and mastermind groups. I know if we each plan to bring our own followers here that everything else will flow naturally because that is exactly how Facebook grew. My friends got me to sign up in 2005 and I then have continued to bring new Facebook users in for the next 12 years.

Are we ready now to bring more of our family and friends to Steem ?

Jerry Banfield

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Great thought Jerry! One thing that I would like to add which I feel is very important is the fact that not everybody is or ever will be brilliant in blogging or making natural followings that will be happily upvoting our content. And that is what seems to be a discouragement and bit of struggle for many new users. What they need to realize is the fact that majority of them including me would very rarely, almost never liked posts of others on Facebook and this is a very important fact everyone needs to consider. The best thing for a newbie here is to bring their own friends and family where they can build kind of a close circle of friends and followers that will be helping each other out and upvoting their content. Well, just my thought. Otherwise, great post once again. Keep it up!


You say it right, but no vote are equal. If you invite them here with a promise of making money, they come to sign up. But 20 minnow voting minnow produce 0 to 0.01 cents. And it looks like the same person voting each other on the circle, what do you think what happen next they will be suspected as an account of one person spamming or friend spa, mostly they going to quit and curse the system.


That is little wrong of people thinking to come here to start making amazing money. Like I said, not everybody will be an exceptional blogger to create great content that will get hundreds of upvotes. That's why I was trying to make the point comparing it to FB where people have their friends liking their content, not really "strangers"....... Getting incentive even little is just a benefit, something you will not get anywhere else.... If someone gets more serious about steemit with profit in mind then investing in steem and transferring into SP is what makes sense... Those are just my thoughts and thank you for commenting how you feel. Have a good one. Tomas


I related to and found your points made to Jerry helpful. Thanks for sharing.


Thanks ever so much! Have a great day and steem on!


But it's anyway bad if we don't have followers from steemit, I am working hard more than three months to bring people from youtube and facebook and some forums but I earn few cents from my posts, most my followers are people invited by me, they are new so they don't have a lot of steem power this why I don't earn a lot. I hope I will find some followers from steemit that motivate me a little !


Everything in life takes patience, dedication, hard work and staying positive. All that combined can achieve big things, no matter what. I personally believe if you want to achieve more on steemit than you will! Wishing you the best of luck. Steem on. Tomas

Social power is enormous and Steemit has the capability of accessing and leveraging the most superior tools from the Social Media environment.
Steem is unstoppable and this is a fact already!

This is exactly how to make Steemit a success: Show your own social circle how amazing this paltform is and how it has changed YOUR life and many others and how it will change THEIR lifes as well.

I am coming from the memory technqiues community and I am very well connected around the world with memory schools and competition organizers. All of them can profit by creating Steemit accounts and write about their championships and businesses. This is a brilliant place to collect sponsorships for great competitions that will bring more people to learn about memory techniques and change the world with an educational revolution - all while being kickstarted on Steemit - the social revolution.

Exciting times! Thank you Jerry, for your non-stop motivation.


@flauwy you're welcome and thank you for noticing!

Totally agree @jerrybanfield. I really like what you've done with the place and I commend you on your effort to spread the Steemit way! Thank you for your efforts!

Jerry, you are one hell of an ambassador for steemit--love it, man! Everyday has to be a celebration at your house, so I hope you love champagne. We need to have you over one night and let our wives meet each other.


Wifeswapping is the best thing since BBC.


I doubt we will be swapping wives, but we can all become a great connection as we live close to each other.


This ain't bad either.


I appreciate the invitation Johnny and hope my wife will come to the next Steem meetup!

Thank you professor steemit! I first heard about steemit from one of your YouTube videos. Good point about tapping friends and family. The more the merrier.

I've been preaching to everybody I know Jerry, I have only brought in a few but they will bring in a few and so on and so on. Keep up the good work!

I guess the only reason someone might not do this is if they prefer internet anonymity - like if they were publishing very sensitive or personal content that they didn't necessarily want to share with all their friends and family. I think it can take a lot of courage to find your voice as a blocker, and it's easier to put yourself out there with strangers than with people you know in real life. Once on the blockchain always on the blockchain!!!! Imagine if on FaceBook you couldn't go back and delete those really embarassing drunken photos? Along those kinda lines - just a thought, I'm sure there's some people that take this approach. But maybe if they gain confidence after a while then they'll try to pull in their friends etc. Just a thought!

yes, i add it into every conversation if the topic of social media arises, which is very common.

And i'm surprised your brother does not want to join! he has a leg up with your help. Dissapointing but it'll be awesome to have your wife on here.

That's great advice, I've gotten a few people around me to join up so far, it helps with the growth of steem.

u rii

thanks great info

It's pretty much all marketing! It's just like the saying, only because you have a store, it doesn't mean the customers will come.

Same with a Steemit Blog. Only because you write posts, it doesn't mean readers and followers will come. You have to market yourself and attract them!


@jerrybanfield Yes This is the Key. Everyone that helps others understand the possibilities of this platform only helps those people to become more Independent in the Future. Once the light bulb comes on over their heads they will see the LIGHT. One Day at a Time my Brother. One Step at a Time. Have a blessed day.

I am really planning on this, makes collaboration much faster especially bcoz what I write here needs more collaboration and interaction. Nice post as always.

Zapier does look handy. A tad on the pricy side, but very useful for the amount you're posting at the moment Jerry!

I revealed this "secret" in one of my posts in the recent past, and it went on to be ignored like almost every other thing else that I posted.
The reason is another "secret" that probably many know by now.

Great idea Jerry!

Thumbs up!

Great job Jerry, you are one of the people that are adding so much value to the community. Thank you

It's easy to bring followers from other places if they speak English:)


Yes, yes! but if we are not from a native english speaking country things get a bit harder...

Upvoted your article have chatted to two other they coming on board as well. Just need a little help from you kindly upvote my article dedicated to my friend who has cancer @rogerblu thanks a million @jerrybanfield


Great noble cause Roger and i support it fully. I have upvoted and resteemed your post. Wish your friend speedy recovery.

Some great ideas on how to expand the Steemit followers, I will try some of them.

Most people from my life think I'm pushing some scam or something, I have managed to get my grandma and girlfriend on here and will keep promoting it through various outlets like you mentioned.


Just warn everyone you tell about Steemit to not to buy STEEM in the exchanges with their own cash, and you will do no wrong by telling them.

Keep it up Jerry.

@jerrybanfield great point. I found steemit through one of your youtube videos! Should I wait till I have some successful posts myself before telling my social circle about it?

thank you so much!!! I know THIS IS the place to be (Steemit) but I'm still struggling to understand how it all works, but reading your post is a TON of help !! for me and I'm sure for many others. Extreme value, for sure. thanks so much. B

You like like a Steemit graduate! :)

Jerry. You r a true brand Ambassador of steemit. Hats off to your dedication. Just a suggestion from my side , apart from posting your blogs, you should also take some time out to review and evaluate new steemitiam blogs abd provide your valuable inputs. This effort too will surely motivate all new steemitians.

wow great post jerry

Jerry , when I read your following count I feel like everyone on steemit is following you lol.. you are like a steemit magnetic force lol

I have tried so many times to tell my family about steemit... it's like they are suffering reality amnesia.. where they auto-tune off when I try and explain it IS real.
instead they act like some terminator robots ' Do not compute Do not compute' - & they just shut down

aha! Sorry, I am feeling giddy! =]

Forever praying for success!

Re$teemed, uovoted & following!

While it seems easy to get followers by promoting the platform in other social networks it is being quite tough to build a reputation inside the network, most people only follow blindly well stablished authors...
Or worse, they do follow for follow and upvote for upvote! Sadly...

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Nice! Great minds think alike, I posted in my facebook earlier and I'm pretty sure I've recruited a few! :-)

Im still not sold on the Idea ,but i will keep following and reading ,Thank you dude

I really enjoy watching and learning from you, jerrybanfield because you make it so easy and because you are amazing at what you do, so thank you so much for all you do at Steemit. Steemit would not be the same with out you. And because people like you, I am really enjoying this new journey with in this community.

Im so happy to be herw new thu but im willy to work for it. Nothing good comes cheap

Good post

First i heard steemit from my friend, he insist to suggest me to join. I got my account approve in january 2017. But nothing to do with this until we met again and he showed his withdraw history. Since then i start posting and i found many useful content here. Now, i do the same.. i ask my brother and my friend in my office to join :)

Thank you for this post and your wisdom. I noticed when explaining STEEM is a cryptocurrency to family and this platform you must invest to get noticed it's like pointing a crucifix to a vampire lol. The word crypto scares them haha in this day and age... very sad, but it only encourages me to guide them out of this fear that the MSM has propagated. Little steps but the crypto future is bright!

Great thought @jerrybanfield

Please Upvote me

good article

this is a wonderful article..... yes it is a good idea to tell everybody about steemit and to post it in all social media..... i like steemit.....

I post on Twitter, but I guess my posts are just not good enough to attract many readers.

sounds great jerry
tnx for the info

I really like what you've done with the place and I commend you on your effort to spread the Steemit way! Thank you very much.

@jerrybanfield Would love to know when the next meetup will be. My husband let me know about the other one but only after it took place. I live in the Florida area so would love to attend one now that I am on and dedicated to this platform.

Good points, Jerry. In other words, we don't get followers by some sort of "magic," right? :-) It takes time and effort to make it work.

Thank you for sharing this and all the great content you make available. Looking forward to seeing you at the Florida Steemit Meet-up!

great post jerry you work hard and always share beneficail information with us thanks for this

jerry you are the man of awesome !!!!!!!
and you are the smartest guy i have never seen !!

Great post Jerry, tieing steemit and twitter together never crossed my mind. I think both steemit and twitter can feed off of each other and become much more powerful.

Jerry, I am new here. I looked at your wife's blog and how did she get so much steem power with no curation of own material and very few comments? Maybe you can address this in the next secret.

You are totally right, I have about 23,000+ people on Facebook... I brought over 500+ so far to steemit.

I did it by making a FB group with simple instructions to sign up.

Start bringing all your friends guys, it's the easiest way to blow up like us 💪🏼🙌🏼💯

great work @jerrybanfield , upvoted. together we can make steem community become bigger