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Putting our face or artwork on the first image helps readers in the home feed see us! Using stock images without any consistency makes it easy to be ignored in the home feed where we often just look at pictures, titles, and the first sentence to decide what to read!

In seeing the posts I create, I consistently use a picture of my face that is new every day along with relevant text and artwork FOR THE FIRST PICTURE because the first picture becomes the thumbnail which allows readers automatically recognize my posts subconsciously just by the thumbnail.

Which other authors use the same strategy?

  • @sweetsssj has usually a half or full body picture of herself in each of the first photos she links.
  • @teamsteem frequently uses pictures of himself in his first image.
  • @nanzo-scoop has a drawing of his face he uses on many of his posts with others featuring a picture of him.
  • @keiserreport has pictures of himself in most of the thumbnails.
  • @nicolemoker starts every post with the first picture being of her with some not showing the face and others only face with more then full body.
  • @stackin "Hey now, all my posts are selfies lol... branding at its best"

In summary, when we include a new picture of ourselves in every single first image on a post, we help our followers to notice us faster in the home feed which is certain to lead to more upvotes, comments, and resteems.

Thank you very much for reading this second Steem secret post which I hope was helpful in providing a simple tip for increased effectiveness here! Would you please vote this up if you would like me to keep doing these because then each day we will slowly unlock all the secrets together?

Jerry Banfield

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You make an interesting point. I was thinking that having relevant or exciting photos might draw attention. At the same time, we are trying to brand our expertise and experience. Having a recognizable photo and modifing it slightly may be the way to go. I'll test it out :) Keep the advice coming @jerrybandfield ,Thank you.


@dpt-darkfox12 you're welcome I am writing another post for today!

I could not agree more with the constant thumbnail! I am adding my own face to every thumbnail I can now for branding and recognition. People want to come to see YOU :)

Jerry, can I use your picture in my posts to attract more audience 😉


Sure lol!


Careful there, I might steal all yours followers 😀

All of you upvoting this fucking trash are destroying Steemit. Think about it. You want to reward some douche $75+ for some trash he wrote while riding home from school on the short bus?

Look at the pathetic bastard begging for votes at the end.


If you don't like the guy don't read his posts. I for one thought this was very helpful and deserves every bit of upvotes it got then some. @jerrybanfield is not destroying steemit he actually helps the community is so many ways..... BTW being on the wrong side of a whale on steemit probably isn't the most business smart idea for a fellow investor ;D


@berniesanders - You may think that this is trash. I fail to see why this is destroying Steem if it is indeed helpful in some way. We as minnows trying to navigate Steem to find out exactly how it works and how to understand it better need the kind of tips disseminated by the likes of @jerrybanfield. I would not have been on Steem had I not seen one of his tutorials on YouTube and still be flailing around there with no idea about this fantastic platform.


@jamesfalling Thank you for being a part of STEEMIT. I try to LIVE the Golden Rule in my Life. @jerrybanfield has been VERY Kind to everyone with his Content here. Those that choose to not find value in it are entitled to their opinion. All I can say here is I hope you have a Better Day Tomorrow @berniesanders. Love your Content Jerry and keep on doing it One Day at a Time...........................


Finally my for to know a nagative reputation account do exist, LOL


so far "bernie sanders" earned $0.93. not bad. :)


Nice try "bernie sanders". You're just mad because trolling on steemit will only get you like $2.00 lmao


I don't know if this is Trash, I am very new and every little bit helps. It does seem like ANY post related to how to use steemit does amazing. BUT I do like this comment simply because it is the first negative thing I have read on steemit EVER! I like that because I was getting very scared that our lives were turning into a black mirror episode where everyone pretends to be very nice to each other for votes..

Your face sure is already a well known trademark and a very frequent visitor in the trending page :)


Thank you Eve for your comment and reminding me to check on your posts again today! Excited to see the tutorial you just posted at showing how you do your amazing photographs!

Thanks for the advice! I think I will now try to always put a picture with me and a post title 😊
I was designing this title the whole evening, what do you think? 😁

Yes, that's a pretty good trick I guess. More secrets please!

New on Steem, I will follow you you have very good info. Thanks


You're welcome Ricardo thank you for the motivation to keep doing these Steem secrets posts each day!


Thank Jerry hope some day you came down to Mexico, as far as I can see you are like a celebrity on Steem, i really like your post

Branding is so important, and nothing is more specialized than your own face. Great article, my friend


Thank you Johnny! I love seeing your comments because we have actually met in person!


yes, it was a great meeting. You may have posted already, but a complete list of apps that I should be using to simplify my steemit life would be fantastic.

Hey, that's really good advice. Never really thought about that until you said it.

Good words of wisdom for us all to be aware of, thanks, namaste :)


Thank you Eric!

Great advice! thanks for this jerry. I will definitely try and keep up consistency makes sense


Thank you Barry!

Holy CRAP!!! just watched your video 10 reason why. And I cant Sleep. Im going to sell at least 10k of stock to invest in steem power. just dumped 1k tonight. Thank you for the wealth of knowledege !


@kalistacking outstanding I see the Steem coming into your wallet from blocktrades and am excited you are powering up!

Hey now, all my posts are selfies lol... branding at its best 💪🏼🙌🏼💯


Added you to the post :)

Thanks for the tip!


Beep beep. Hi @rymlen!
You have used tip! in your comment - that`s my magic word for sending tips ;)
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Yeah, I think having consistancy is important and an easy way to do that is to add your face :)

thank you Mr J.. for another top idea.. and i just thought you loved looking at yourself!


Lol I initially hated the strategy when I saw someone else using it because I realized they were right!

Congratulations @jerrybanfield!
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Hit parade I LOVE THAT!

thanks for the post jerryy


@vivtorialuxx would you like to follow me am on it to fellow you


You're welcome Victoria!

I had never thought about this before!!! But your posts definitely do stand out for this reason :) you are a clever clever man J-B!!

I hadn't thought about that.
....hmm...might be a good idea.
in FACT...I think I'll try it.
(need to look thru some photos of me.
which would be best?)


A new selfie every day!


if i did that It'd break the camera

I always think 'ohhhh craps they got a headshot they gotta be one of the big guys' lolol i tried it with my latest post...

it kinda worked but not as well as I had hoped =]!!!!!!!!


That made me smile lol @aineyann because I think the same thing!


I know right? floating head works best. They gotta be a dolphin or whale if they got the fearlessness to have a floating head =D aha !

I thought about that a few days ago.

"How can i make a consistent experience for my followers and stand out for potential followers in the endless stream of posts?"

I agree with @johnnyray according branding. The answer is this post! Thank you!

..btw: there are some rude comments here, i think the value of this post is in the eye of the beholder. For me it is a important reminder and a great help, for someone it might be useless but no reason for bashing and bullying. Cannot understand such behaviour because it gives no value to the author or the community. Wish all the best here! Thank you Jerry!


Thank you Tino I have learned to be grateful for all feedback and appreciate you both thinking to connect with @johnnyray in your comment while sharing that you are thinking along the same lines!

I love how you always looking out man!

I noticed this about your posts! I was actually working on implementing this strategy to my own posts right before I saw this!

Love what you're doing, @jerrybanfield! Helping the Steemit community grow thought FB ads and providing tips to newcomers. We're growing stronger every day.


Always great!!

I use my logo in all of my thumbnails to help brand myself here on Steemit. It takes just a couple of minutes for every post, but makes them look much more professional.

very true... it worked for this post!

Steem secret how much $ you invest in steem Jerry

i did the same before, i used to put a text based on my post title in the photo ! thank for great tips @jerrybanfield..

Thanks Jerry! Very cunning, obvious hidden in the plain sight!

Hello, @jerrybanfield! Thank you for your post here. It's one of the first ones on Steemit that I have ever read. Today I made my first post and your information influenced how it was put together. I look forward to learning more from you! Thank you for your diligence to bring value to this community.

i appreciate you @jerrybanfield your post are so good ..
you are over inspiration on Steemit .
such huge fan of your .plz guys you all are should have to helping by following new member like am .. I hope you all are follow me and support everyone. Thanks

Jerry you inspire me. i think you are a cool dude!

With your photo on your each post, it became more personal. I think, I must also try this trick.

I've noticed when I try to use a picture which isn't very often, that my thumbnail is just a grey block.

I might be doing something wrong but I think I would like to have a picture as an introduction at least, or a working thumbnail. Thanks for sharing, I'll see if I can get this working with a bit of focus.

Thanks Jerry nice post

I think I accidentally started doing that @jerrybanfield. Lately I've been doing tutorial videos with mostly the same background. It ends up showing a thumbnail with my face in the bottom corner of the design.

You're right about standing out in the feed though. I recognize your thumbnails everytime.

Probably going to start using a bigger shot of myself in some of the videos though, seems to work well for you.

Thanks Sir, really nice step to introduce myself and make branding.

Thanks for the tip! Great


Beep beep. Hi @algeriatech!
You have used tip! in your comment - that`s my magic word for sending tips ;)
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Thank you for the tips!

There is no secrets. Thats not guaranteed , I saw many great content didnt get attention. People like to vote for whales no matter the content. Can you tell me how do you get upvotes more than views! Is there a seceret to do it @jerrybanfield there no way to get attention in here except to keep going and never expect to earn big always hope nevwr expect. I think spammers came to play because its easier to ask people for votes than to keep consistent.

Great tips thank you

Sounds like a message for me :) Will change mine tomorrow! THanks

This is suttle but I see how it works. I'll try to start incorporating the same concept!

@jerrybanfield - Thanks, Jerry, Your posts are always interesting and always there something new to learn. Kudos!

Steem ON!

Latest CQ Food Post: Fat cutter 🌶 Spicy Beet Bot🤖 Juice 🍹 🍎🍉🍸 🥕🥑🍹

Yea that is something I have been doing almost from the very start here. Since I use my art I made a custom border that has area left inside for an image. So I very much agree with your thought :)

Very good info, thanks Jerry! :)

Awesome post, do you mind me asking what program you use to make your thumbnails?

Nice post

Thanks for the helpful tips, @jerrybanfield! Speaking of your daily picture of the day, since you've been consistently doing this for years, have you ever considered doing a time-lapse of your daily pictures morphing day by day? Not everyone has had that consistency for that amount of time, so not anyone could do it.... maybe in a couple of years if they start today, haha

that is smart.. will definitely do that from now on

Please continue this series of steemit tips ON steemit! Minnows really want some help from whales!

I love the content you put out @jerrybanfield . It has been very helpful in my first few days here on Steemit. It's awesome that people like you take the time to explain to newer users how to get their content seen and you are, by virtue of this awesome platform, rewarded for helping others produce good content for the platform.

another nice one as always.#secret 1 and 2.waiting for the third one .may you continue to keep the fire burning,keep steeming

I voted for you as witness. I love you, you're awesome.

Hmm .... I was thinking like that, but when I read the rules
Steem stating the need for a license to use the steemit logo on their part it's still confusing me. Thanks @jerrybanfield, a Wise words are good for us and can be reference to write fore. always success...

This is a great idea. I don't usually use an image of myself as my thumbnail image (but I do give thought as to what this image will be). All your points make perfect sense though.
What I do is include a thumbnail sized one in all of my comments. The hope is that people will start to recognize me and link my face to my comments. If they see enough of me they may even click on my link and check out my feed or latest blog.
Since I started adding a link to my introduction post, the number of views were at 30. It has now jumped up to 82, so I think that is it working.

Darryl (@dadview) resides in Canada. Check out @steemparents or my Latest Blog

Good post.

Very informative!

Jerry, thank you for this! Much of what I have learned so far has come from you and a couple of others with a lot of experience on here. I know that you are making money off of doing it, but I also know that you are trying to give back to the community every day. If I uderstand how this works correctly, it is to everyone's benifit including yours, if the Steemit community grows and the quality of content continues to expand and improve.

Jerry can you please read my latest post my friend. Dont upvote, don't resteem just please comment. Like you, I value good feedback from people I trust.

Also this is a suggestion for a topic that I would love to have an in-depth youtube video/steemit post/podcast from you if you ever run out of ideas.

I scoured the whitepaper and the faq section and didn't find an answer to my question.

I love that you love good questions like me :) But I didn't find anything, so I did a little experiment and it worked! Wanted you to see it and get your feedback if it seems worth your time. Thank you! Love you, you're awesome.

Oh great such good observant you are 😊

Thank you for a tip! Now, im looking for a own photo in my archive ;)

I have to say that the content of most of the posts in steemit are generally low quality.
I very much have the feeling people want to make quick money on this very platform and produce as much content as possible.
What would you say to this? And, how could this be increased within the steemit community?
I believe in Quality-Over-Quantity!
Greetings, @martinmusiol

Very valid point @jerrybanfield - guilty! lol

Good advice @jerrybanfield. Looking forward to implementing it on my profile.

You are always an encouragement man. I just have this one question: HOW can I get your attention here, more of like a boost, please do not misunderstand jerry but I do not need your money, because your influence will surely wake up many people here to the fact that there are new techs not known, and yet is already at the hands of common people. What if these common people are ready to share this FREELY? So here I am.

I really think I have something to share that will make this world, and STEEMIT of course, a better place. May this post find you, and may you find my three posts, counting daily as I wanna post day to day. Regards.

Good tip. I've adapted it slightly by using a graphic with the same two standout colours - blue writing on bright yellow background.
I think it allows people to identify my posts quickly.

Thanks Jerry!
There is also the "Steemit cover image" update ;-)
Have a great day!
Steemitri The Mannequin

I always try to use an eye catching photo that is on topic with my post, I'm afraid that if I put my ugly mug on here I'd loose followers lol

But you are young and good-looking! No one wants to see my face. :-)

Good pointers Jerry! keep smashing it bro! You're​ a genius​!

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Have been seening your ad on an honour to follow u here...thanks for the information

never considered putting a photo of myself... (hate my own selfies). i'll need to work on a graphic i guess. maybe my dog...


it's simple, but for now it works...

Thank you

wow. This secret really works on me!! I just realize I follow people that do this a LOT!! and just because of this, I'm going to start following you! LOL!

Thank you, I'll put it into practice. n///n

I instantly recognize your posts and make sure to read your daily serving of value!
These are great tips!

Very valuable tip @Jerry! Thank You, I'm going to use it in my posts from now onward. Resteemed.

great idea. i never thought of it that way. thanks!

Thanks for the heads up. I do this at Udemy but didn't think it would apply here.

Oh God!
What to say!
Keep wonder post
Upvoted for you
Keep it up dear