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Learn how to earn a retweet on Twitter by the @steemit account in Steem Secret #10! With over 33,000 followers on Twitter at landing a retweet by Steemit is a huge opportunity to to greatly expand the reach and upvotes on a post! This quick post first shows examples followed by a quick tutorial explaining what steps to take to be in position to get retweeted!

Recent Retweets!

Reading this retweet led me to give @stellabelle a full upvote and add her to my @steemvoter!

Steemit retweet stellabelle.jpg

@teamsteem consistently earns retweets with his posts and is already on my @steemvoter at 100%!

teamsteem retweet.jpg

I am grateful that the Steemit Twitter account has consistently retweeted my posts including the two below. With @andrarchy being the community manager for Steemit, I believe he is responsible for the tweets and I am consistently impressed with the choice of what is chosen to share!

In this first example, I believe Steemit originally made the post and then shared it again with a self-retweet.

steemit ad retweet.jpg

In this second example, a post that automatically went to my Twitter account as soon as I posted it to Steem earned a retweet. While I am not sure whether the post itself or the retweet or some other factor led to the outcome of @freedom voting for me as a witness via proxy @pumpkin within 24 hours of the update, I am extremely grateful for that witness vote which put me in the top 30 and the retweet that might have helped with that!

steem retweet witness update.jpg

How to Get a Retweet?

Fortunately placing ourselves in a position to get a retweet from the @steemit Twitter account is very simple regardless of how many followers we have or how many upvotes we get. Here is the process.

  1. Write an outstanding post by learning from the retweets already happening at An outstanding post is useful in solving problems and raising consciousness often including relevant pictures and links without overdoing self-promotion. Did you just spit your drink on the screen when you saw me writing that last sentence because 95% of what I post about involves me in 95% of the post? Maybe some humor too! If you find fear coming up of a great post going unnoticed as a reason for not even bothering to try, be aware that readers working with curation projects such as @curie and @ocd and my upvotable posts are consistently checking Steem for the very best new posts every single day. The majority of truly amazing posts do receive enough attention to earn a retweet through the author's own promotion and/or inclusion in a curation project!
  2. Setup an automatic post to Twitter as explained in my tutorial at All I have to do by following what I showed in that tutorial is push POST and this automatically goes out to Twitter and Facebook every time.
  3. Make hundreds of helpful posts and a retweet is likely to come regardless of upvotes or followers! The idea is to repeat and forget about even checking to see if a retweet happened! When we focus on what we are contributing, we tend to get a LOT back and produce with the assumption that what we do is GOOD ENOUGH. Not better than anyone else or worse but just good enough. While I used to spend so much time analyzing the one person that shared my post or complaining about how few people read my blog, today I am unaware of the majority of sharing resulting from my work because I focus on doing my work instead of what response I am getting. Several of my videos on and posts here went viral with me noticing for months. Do good every day and the Universe will provide everything in return!

Thank you for reading this quick tutorial that I have shared in response to feedback requesting some shorter posts that are easy to learn from!

Jerry Banfield

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PS: This post today is a part of my service as a full time witness for Steem! Witness votes are the most important votes we make on Steem because one vote for a witness lasts indefinitely! Would you please make a vote for jerrybanfield as a witness or set jerrybanfield as a proxy to handle all witness votes at because when we make our votes, we feel in control of our future together? Thank you to the 1012 accounts voting for me as a witness, the 237M VESTS assigned from users trusting me to make all witness votes by setting me as proxy, and @followbtcnews for making these .gif images!

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Yes the signup process is on the roadmap by Steemit for one of the major updates!


Thank you!

You're going big!)

The fact is just that you need to be really famous on steemit for let them share your post.

Great share Jerry! I hope to get a vote and twitter share as well with one of my posts here soon :D


@jerrybanfield I just SPIT my drink on the screen. Fortunately it was a Soft Drink. No problem with that. In all seriousness once again you bring some great Ideas to the Table. Anything that attracts more people to STEEMIT and how great a place it is, well that is a HUGE Plus.


Thank You for always being so engaging in your comment section @jerrybanfield

Great News :)

Nice secret J!

Thanks Jerry! Great news for are great. very useful for me

Good idea, thanks @jerrybanfield

that's really a valuable information again jerry.
as expected from you.. keep up the good work.

Thanks a lot. Without you i will not be here.Awesome

Don’t forget the proper hashtags on Twitter. They could really help with visibility :) #steem

Never really had a high regard for twitter but maybe i a
Should just look into it. Thanks @jerrybanfield

right Bro
thanks a lot for sharing
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Great news for are great.i resteem your all post.

opsie i wasnt drinking anything to spit on my screen , my lapi just got saved, thank u for bringing this to the steemians attention , really wonderful , and truly correct , i think giving effort and not constantly watching what fruits it brought forth is better and more effective. thanks for the great advices.

thanks a lot for sharing

very useful for me who followers in tweeternya still a little hehehehe. useful articles @jefrrybanfield

WAY TO GO MAN........

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great post @jerrybanfield i am in

Thank for yet another informative post Jerry!

Thanks once again for sharing Jerry. :-) much appreciated.

Thanks Jerry for mentioning my tweet of my friend @stellabelle's article on Laura Lemons and her votebot.

I often get a retweet from @steemit when I mention them in a tweet. I think they notice the mirco promo I do for the steemit articles I tweet about. I add a few words before the title and capitalize one or two of them. Seems to work for me!

Powerful post Jerry thanks a lot for the help @stanleymathanda

hi, nice to read about you.
i am, sajedul ahmed, from bangladesh,am also new on steemit and welcome you to steemit.
i have followed you. so, can also follow me plz.and plz upvoted my post.
best of luck...

Best account! Jeerybanfield

I want that retweet!!

This is a very good post. It will be very helpful for minnows like me. I hope it hasten my growth on steemit.

Thanks Jerry! That post by Stellabelle was very emotional. I actually saw it on twitter first. My feed gets so busy sometimes I miss some great blog posts. Whoever is responsible for the twitter posting is doing an awesome job.


So happy I found this post. Screen Shot 2017-09-24 at 11.33.51 AM.png

🎀 @theprettysoul 🎀

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i have been following and upvoting most of your posts. even i resteemed some of them. first i gave you witness vote and then later i set you as my proxy. this is my 70th day of joining. i have been learning , implementing some useful tips but i have been earning very very slow. i have bee looking tor more and more ways to earn. this post of your's gave another tip. i will study deeply and try to implement it. can you please spare just few mints and suggest me how best improve my earnings. can i give you direct mail for my doubts.

This deserves some attention. Upvoted and resteemed :)

@jerrybanfield, I agree with you that twitter and facebook help us to get more followers and more upvotes for our post, however I would like advice from you to know if it is possible to grow in the steemit community, without needing other social networks and make me more visible in this community. While the important thing is to make a good post, it is also good popularity, since not only are the upvotes what matters, but how the steemit community rates my work to know if what I do is of interest to many.

This is what we call team work guys.. !!

Hi @jerrybanfield, amazingly interesting post, thank you for enlightenment, I will learn it again, please in guidance comrade.

Always newness with every post. Keep us enlightened and entertained.

thanks buddy for this information

twitter is a weird tool -- no one seems to read the content - it is all posting and very few real connections

how about a resteem for now .......I wish if there would have been someone who could resteem quality content ?? .....I wish i had a twitter account a little publicity can never hurt !! though i cant get my mind off the steemit ... have been writing and collaborating with other musicains its been a fun ride !!

Great revelations here,,, I don't have a twitter account but with this idea, I am going all out to sign up on twitter and follow @steemit.
I am going to also share this knowledge.
Thank you for this inspiring post

I didn't know I could use ifttt with Steemit. Thanks for that nugget of knowledge!

Great work jerry, you deserve that retweeting ! @godgiver

OMG ! The secret revealed

thanks a lot for sharing

Great news for are great.i resteem your all post.

Useful post for bost earning and steemit follower, but all tool easy to use if using pc or laptop, most of steemit user using mobile phone so this abit of difficult...thanks

Hi Jerry, i know my comment is not in the right place,
feel free to shift it, where it belongs .

i read the following article:>>

[Update #3] List of top 100 ranked Witnesses that have broken price tools! (This is an important part of a witnesses duty... and these folks aren't contributing, but are profiting from your vote)
2 days ago
bayareacoins58 in witness I've compiled a list of STEEM witnesses that have broken price feeds and are ranked in the top 100.

to this I made the following comment:

What is a "price tool" price feed" when is it unbroken, when is it broken. If there are so many smart guys in steem and in witnesses, why don t you tell us beginners where is a functioning FAQ, even better, where is an up to date kind of separate wikipedia (not run by psiram) where you smart guys explain each word you use for the beginners.
It even took some time until i figured out, what a wittnes might be in this context of steem. <<

i have given You the proxy power to decide, who are the best witnesses.
I am active for a month I feel that i do not understand a thing
i did not get explanation according to my question
there are 2 questions:

to understand what is going on

who will reinstall law & order

how this will be done ?

All the visibility you can get it is always good. 😉

Nice work!! Thank you so much!!

This is truly useful! voted for you :) thxs

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Hello jerry,
I am not on Twitter but if I do I would follow you brother.
Always great advice from you,

quite usefull. thanks for sharing
but actually the processis pretty much: making good content and always sharing in your own twitter. isn't it?



This is a strategy that has worked, but is quite easy to implement. Thanks @jerrybafield for sharing this information with us. You are truly someone to draw inspiration from. I have followed you, resteemed this post and upvoted it too. Great value. Take care!

Very useful as always Jerry you rock

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