#steemsecret : steemit is too large learn how to be successful

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Steemit is too large, too complex yet too simple to realize...just like life. It may be complex but too simple just be happy to things that you have then thats it.

In steemit, we cannot just swim theough the deep blue sea...being minnows is very fragile that we may fail. But setting goals will help us know where we are heading too. Set your goal in steemit. And make ways to achieve.

Invest time dont just sit in the corner and wait for a miracle that success will be on your way. Invest time and make the moat of it just like your life or your goal in life we are investing time so as to steemit.

Connect...connect...and connect to everyone...you cannot just swim alone go with the other and hand in hand all of us can achieve success.

If our post dont earn as what we would like to be. Just write .never cease to write..never get tired to combat and follow your goal.

These are my steemsecrets and I want to let others know.

@surpassinggoogle thank you for your kindnes. I know without you we are nothing.

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