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Hello my dear fellow Steemians! If you want to be a part of STEEM SCHOOLS ULTIMATE CHALLENGE and give yourself a chance to earn extra SBD, please kindly follow the rules and get ready to work hard! :D

For participating in this challenge, the most important rule is to join our Discord channel and follow me. We now have almost 3000 members, and we're growing rapidly. So don't miss your chance! This is the biggest challenge ever on Steemit and who knows when will it be again.


After you join our channel, please introduce yourself so we can see who you are. We even have LIVE voice chats every day, so please join there to so we can hear your voice and you can hear us! After you introduced yourself, you can join #general-chat channel and have fun with all of us! More information about the challenge is posted in #information channel.


Steem Schools Communication Challenge - How Steemit Communications changed your life. You can express it in photos, text,video Dlive, Dsound other ways, by other people and friends confirming your post via examples and good verifiable facts.Better the statement post higher the score will be.You can express it via photos, text, by other people and friends confirming your post via examples and good verifiable facts. Better the statement will result in a higher score. Better the facts will give you better reviews from Steemit followers of this competition.

Your post could be about how Steemit Communications helped you in meeting new people, getting to know the community, personal achievement, family effort and unity, business improvements, communication experiences etc...the post has to be inspirational, motivational and verifiable for all followers in order to get enough votes from hosts. How Steemit Communication positively influenced your life. This votes will get you to next level and the following next week competition round. With each additional week, we will follow development and improvements in your post and example for your success story.

Remember it is not only about the individual, it could be couple, family, friends, pets, objects, "all for one, one for all" approach, new book, new friendships, new discoveries in life etc...We will value overall aspect of your post.

Thank you for competition Sponsors : @dobartim , @tatjanastan , @flysky , @aidasfg7,


  • 100 + days competition

  • Every day we choose one winner of 10 SBD - on our online voice discord channel

  • After 100 days We will choose 8 winners ( They will have new task every day - check my post for daily rules and task changes.

  • 8 Places with 500 SBD Prize

  • Your story must be a minimum of 1000 words and minimum one image

  • You need to put in the title of your post " Steem Schools Ultimate Challenge "

  • Put in main tags of your post #steemschools

  • Put and this competition link in your post for other competitors

  • You must be my follower

  • Create own invite post at your blog on Steemit with same rules and pictures, with own discord link from our steem schools discord channel, and you can put own selfie picture on the top. RULES WILL BE IN THE POST CHECK DETAILS FOR RULES AND APPLICATION FOR CHALLENGE AT STEEM SCHOOLS DISCORD CHANNEL!

  • Only judges can vote: @dobartim, @flysky, @tatjanastan, @aidasfg7.

  • Donor rules ( Everyone can donate how much he wants SBD to support this project ):
    Donations should be sent to my account
    We will publicly put your name and amount of donation as a sign of gratitude to each post that will be posted!

For any information you need, you can always ask me. I am an admin in this channel and I am most of my time there!

I wanted to send big thanks to @dobartim for making this happen! He helps all the people and is always grateful to have that opportunity. And he supports his words by action, as you can see in his challenges! Check out his profile!

Take this opportunity fellow Steemians and don't waste your time! See you on the top!


nice invite

Thanks! See you on the channel!

I am already in there and enjoying the class all of them are very good who every invited me there I am really thankfull to him for introducing me there its the best place on Discord

Thanks bro! See you there and good luck on your challenge posts!

Yup Bro Good Luck to you also

noted with thanks for your kind invite. Let confirm what should do as new user

Come to class and ask what you don't know

Thank you for your invitation :)

No problem :)) see you there