I don't know my name - Cover by @viral-violet

in steemschools •  3 months ago

I have been singing with my new friends at the Steem Schools Business Movement with my friends in the karaoke classes they have. I am having so much fun with my friends @darkfemme @yeninsfer @itsmechille @hongkong&philiphenes @flysky and more. I want my new friends to see me too so I made a video. I hope you like it.

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Keep going lil Ma! You're great <3

I have a kid here on steemit, can you tell me more about Steem Schools Business Movement?

SO COOL MISS V <3 You, my sweetheart, are so brave and clever!

WOW is amazing my little friend!!!
You are so cute... Its the first time that i listen this song... is very nice!
Keep going this work... thank you for sing with us in SteemSchools ;)


Thank you so much you made me not shy and show my face and sing