Steem Schools Logo Design Contest. Join and Win. Day 1

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I am really excited today to be bringing Steemians across the platform a bit of good news! Steem Schools was created to help users reach their full potential.
In bid to keep increasing the quality of the Steem Schools experience I announce this cool new contest that is open to all.

I quickly go over the rules and details of the ‘Steem Schools Logo’ contest and lay it out as simply as I can!

The Steem Schools Logo Contest Rules

Rule 1:
Create a brand new and original logo for Steem Schools

Rule 2:
Make your own entry as a post and you must make submission of your entry link in the comment section of any of the promotional posts within these3 days. Winner will be picked at the end of the third day.

Rule 3:
Your work must be completely original and of a semi-professional/ professional nature to be considered as a prize winner. As this logo will be used in Steem Schools Worldwide.

Rule 4:
Only 1 submission can be made for each participant. Lastly, participants must be my follower.

The Steem Schools Logo Contest Prize detail

  • A budget of 3SBD has been put aside to be given to prize winner.
  • By entering this competition, participants hereby assign Steem Schools the right of use of their design for both commercial and non-commercial applications.

Good luck Steemians

Join us on Steem Schools discord

Feel the energy.......@tomilolafadipe

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Thank you.

Thanks for given us the opportunity to share our creativity.
here is my entry .. hope you like it.

Wow! This contest looks very promising and fun, and specifically, as an avenue for those with awesome skills in graphics design to showcase their skills, even as the ultimate goal of Steem School becomes an obvious reality to many, worldwide.

Together We Win!

Thanks for sharing @tomilolafadipe.


Very Beautiful💜

may give it a try ...... watch this space

This a great opportunity for all.

Time to put art in one place.
We win only Together

Exactly my friend. You should join in

Describe me in dm if you have time


Here's my entry: Steem Schools Logo
Here it is my entry. Good luck to all i have seen some great work so far.

Good idea @tomilola.
I cannot design but I support this contest.
Thanks for bringing this out

You should try it out my friend. You should never underestimate yourself. Believe in yourself

Awesome challenge,see you on the top

Hakuna Matata... We win together!

Here I leave my participation
Education is the means to transform society and steemit promotes the exchange of knowledge
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