Invitation to Steem Schools

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While traveling today, I was only able to pop in and say hello to everyone. But my #steemschools community is very supportive and understands that real life comes first and I appreciate that! I love you all!

If you'd like to attend a free live class on how to help earn as you learn, you can join us on discord at

We are now offering a Karaoke competition where you can win 5 SBD. It's called #karaokemania and you can read about it in my other post here. I've completed 24 out of the 1000 for the 45 day challenge in 4 days. This contest is getting so popular that it's getting hard to get to sing some songs in! But back to the point of this post!

I was invited to join STEEM SCHOOLS on discord to take FREE, yes you read that right, FREE classes on how to earn money as I learn how to navigate the Steemit system. Not only are the classes informative, but we have fun afterwards. I love getting to know my fellow Steemians, but I get more pleasure in getting to know those I meet from #steemschools. We have common interests and a common bond. A community.

Much love,

steemschools copy.jpg

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Nice! i say hello to you and i should earn mi micros soon, you'll see! jajaja


I will be watching for you! Wish you much luck!

no cambio la escuela de steemit por nada del mundo


@carloshernandez Estoy de acuerdo. ¡Son como una segunda familia para mí!