# Success Rules Part :4, writing a beauttiful post ,Mark down Basic steps

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Mark down Basic steps...

New steemians often face difficulties in writing and editing their content .Steemit is some different from other social media networks.When we start writing a post in it we have many questions like....

How can i make headings?

How to write in different style like italic ,bold??

How do i insert table in it?

I want to add a video but how?

I am adding simple steps in my post.Hope this post will be helpful for all.Follow these steps and make your post beautiful

For writing a post on steemit. Click on the circle with pencil at the left side of your profile picture.

A new window will be open like this.Now you can write your post here.

Write these steps in original Editor its mean no need to touch editor.

For headinngs use # with one space

Heading 1

# Heading 1

Heading 2

## Heading 2

Heading 3

### Heading 3

Heading 4

#### Heading 4

 The more hashes you use the smaller the heading. 







For Numbering

1.your text

2.your text

3.your text

1.Your text

2.Your text

3.Your text

List your text

  • oneline
  • two line
  • three line

For  lists use asterisks with a space

* one line

* two line

* three line

Sharing link



For Quotes

write your Quote

Use this

> write your quote


Its simple Copy your images and paste here.

Add Lines Like this

Use this




Inserting Tables


follow these steps and write your table


column1|column2|column 3




Sharing a you tube video

insert any you tube video with this step

![youtube link title](video link)

![Nature Bird song, Birds Chirping Sound Effects | Ringtones | Royalty Free | Good Vibes ]




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You share a very good information for a newbie.

Thank you for reading and stoping by..
Hope it ll help you